What is Koorong Affiliate Program?

Koorong Affiliate Program is an initiative created to meet the needs of church communities nationwide. We are partnering with churches, ministries and Bible colleges to ensure local communities have easy access to great Christian resources.

The Koorong Affiliate Program allows you, on behalf of your organisation, to create customised pages on the Koorong website. This provides an easy way for your community to purchase the resources they need with convenient home delivery. For each purchase made through your Affiliate web page, your organisation will earn a commission* in the form of Koorong vouchers.

Great Benefits
  • Your church/organisation will receive access to high quality Christian books and resources.
  • Great for remote churches where a bookstall is difficult to set up.
  • No paperwork or stock handling for staff!
  • Quick and easy to introduce to your local community.
  • Online ordering and money collection; orders are shipped directly to customers.
  • Enhance your organisation’s library or outreach resources as you accumulate commission via Koorong vouchers.
  • We provide simple promotional marketing templates to use in your e-newsletter or website.
Commission Details
  • 15% commission earned for standard sales.
  • 7.5% commission earned when the customer receives a discount under 25% on their purchase.
  • No commission earned for sales with a customer discount above 25%, for NETT priced items, or for eBooks / eAudio (downloadable audio), tickets, or gift cards.
  • All commission will be paid in the form of Koorong vouchers.

Koorong Affiliate Program Information Sheet

See the Information Sheet to find out how easy it is to get started.
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