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eBooks FAQ

General Questions

An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on electronic devices such as desktop PC/Mac, notebook computers, mobile devices (e.g. iPad) and dedicated eReading devices.

ePub is the industry standard eBook format which makes it possible for a book to be displayed and read on many different devices. The advantage of the ePub format is "reflowable" text, meaning that the size and font of the text can be optimized to suit the device or hardware being used. At this stage most Koorong eBooks are supplied in ePub format.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the process of protecting a file (in this case an eBook) to ensure that the person who buys the eBook is the sole owner and only person who can use the eBook. Publishers determine which books are protected by DRM as the owner of the copyright for the item.

The major publishers who supply our eBooks require us to use DRM-protected ePub files in order to protect their copyright.

An Adobe ID is a free account with Adobe that provides a way for you to access eBooks which are protected by DRM and then accessed by Adobe DRM compatible reading applications. Please note that the new Koorong Reader app does not require an Adobe ID.

You need an Adobe ID to access eBooks via alternative applications that support Adobe DRM – examples are Adobe Digital Editions on a desktop, Pyrus eReaders purchased at Koorong, or Adobe DRM compatible reading applications (Bluefire, Aldiko etc).

Purchasing Your eBooks
  1. Browse/search the Koorong website as usual.
  2. Add eBooks to your basket.
  3. Once you have found all the eBooks you would like to purchase click the "checkout" button from the basket.
  4. Step through the checkout process as usual. Please note that eBooks can be purchased using a credit card or Koorong account credit.
  5. Once you have submitted your order you will be presented with a receipt. You can access your purchased books instantaneously via the Koorong Reader App on compatible devices. For info on how to read eBooks on your device check out our Device Advice page.
  6. We will also email you to confirm your purchase and present information on how to access your purchase should you need to access this at a later time.

Yes, once you have purchased an eBook it is yours. It is important that you choose carefully, as these files cannot be returned like a physical product can. Titles you have purchased will be stored in your eBook library and can be accessed at any time by logging into your Koorong Account. You will need a Koorong Account before you can purchase eBooks.

eBooks at can be purchased using a credit card or available credit on your Koorong account.

Yes, sending eBooks as a gift is easy.

  1. Browse/search the Koorong website as usual.
  2. Click ‘Give as a Gift’ button on the product page.
  3. Enter the recipient details in the pop-up window.
  4. Step through the checkout process as usual.
  5. Once submitted you will receive an email confirming your order. We will automatically send an email to the recipient for each eBook you have gifted, on the date specified by you. The email will contain a link to redeem the gift, plus detailed instructions on how to download and read eBooks on their device.

Any eBooks you gift will go into the recipients’ library, not your own eBook library.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns on eBook purchases.

At this stage eBooks can only be purchased online through In some of the larger stores there are kiosk displays so that customers can experience eBooks for themselves.  There is also wireless access available to allow purchasing from in store.

Once you have purchased an eBook through you will not be able to purchase the same eBook again. However, you can read your single eBook purchase on multiple devices.

The prices on Koorong eBooks are all NETT prices. This means that they are more keenly priced and no further discount can be applied.

Unfortunately it is not possible to print eBooks that are purchased from Koorong.

Right now there are over 30,000 eBooks available for purchase through This number is constantly growing!

Reading Your eBooks

The Koorong Reader app is the perfect way to read eBooks on your iPad/iPhone/iPod or Android device, it is available for free on the Apple App store and Google Play store.  eBooks purchased at use the industry standard ePub format and can be read on most computers, notebooks, mobile devices  iPad/iPhone, Android Tablets/Phones and Windows Phone, as well as most dedicated eReaders (e.g. Sony, Kobo, Nook).  Please note that the application or device must support Adobe DRM to ensure compatability. For more info on how to read eBooks on your device check out our Device Advice page. Please note: Due to the Kindle proprietary format chosen by Amazon, eBooks purchased from Koorong cannot currently be read on a Kindle.

We recommend using Adobe® Digital Editions (ADE) which is a free download from Adobe that allows you to view and manage your purchased eBooks on your computer. ADE is also used to transfer eBooks from your computer to other dedicated eReading devices. Once you have an Adobe ID and ADE installed on your PC/Mac, you can download your eBook into ADE and read while disconnected from the internet. Simply log in to your Koorong Account at, browse to your eBook library and select the download link for each eBook you have purchased. Alternatively, if you have the order confirmation email handy you can download the items directly using the links provided in the email.

The Koorong Reader app is available for iPhone and iPad. For more information please visit Device Advice.

The Koorong Reader app is available for iPhone and iPad. For more information please visit Device Advice.

Download and install ADE from Adobe. You will need to register with Adobe to get an Adobe ID which is used to identify you as the owner of any eBooks. Keep your Adobe ID in a safe place for future reference. Please Note: If you are using Windows Vista, download Adobe Digitial Editions v1.7 rather than v2.0. Digitial Editions v2.0 does not work properly with Windows Vista.

Simply log into your Koorong Account at and click on the button ' view eBooks library'. Your eBook purchases are listed in your library and may be downloaded again if required. Please note that each download counts towards your device limit.

You will need an app capable of reading Adobe DRM protected eBook files (like Overdrive). For Device Advice click here.

Troubleshooting - Mac or PC

Error Message: "An error has occurred. Please try again ensuring that your URL is correct."

Fix: Please contact Koorong because there may be a problem with the eBook download link. Please provide your Koorong customer number and the title of the eBook.

Problem: I am getting a fulfilment error.

Fix: If your original purchase was more than 21 days ago and you have not downloaded the eBook the fulfilment may have expired. Please contact Koorong eBook support and we will be able to reset the download link. Please provide your Koorong customer number and the title of the eBook.

Error Message: "Adobe Reader could not open '9780310867203.acsm' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)."

Fix: Your computer is trying to use Adobe Reader to open the eBook file instead of Adobe Digital Editions. Please check the file associations under Control Panel. Files of type .acsm and .epub should be associated with Adobe Digital Editions.

Problem: This may mean that Adobe Digital Editions will open the eBook but it will disappear from the library when the program is closed.

Fix: Some computers may download the eBook file (.acsm or .ePub) into a temporary location. Find the file by searching for the ISBN of your eBook. Once you have found the file, open Adobe Digital Editions, select Library View then Add Item to Library. Locate the file on your computer and open it from within ADE.

If you have authorized multiple eReaders and computers with Adobe Digital Editions using your Adobe ID, you may get an error message saying "Too Many Activations" when you try to authorize again. This is because Adobe puts a limit on the number of times you can use an Adobe ID to authorize a computer or eReader.

You can, however, request additional authorizations. Here's how to request more authorizations:

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Adobe ID and password.
  • Under "Get Support," in the "Technical Support" tab: Under "Choose issue type" select "Using a product or service."
  • Under "Choose product," first select "Additional Products," then select "Adobe Digital Editions."
  • Fill in the online form, describing the problem and asking for additional authorizations. You should get an e-mail from Adobe in a couple of days letting you know that they've reset your authorizations. You can then re-authorize your eReader in Adobe Digital Editions.

If you are no longer using a computer or wish to change your Adobe ID you may need to deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions. To do this, click the Library View icon in ADE then press Ctrl+Shift+D (or Cmd+Shift+D for Macintosh).

Troubleshooting - Koorong Application

Error Message: "There is an error downloading file! Please check your network connectivity and Adobe ID status!"

Fix: Try deactivating and reactivating your Adobe ID under the Settings tab.

Firstly, try deactivating and reactivating your Adobe ID under the Settings tab. If this doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the formatting of the eBook that is causing the app to crash. Please contact Koorong eBook support and provide your Koorong customer number and the title of the eBook. You may also want to try reading the eBook in Bluefire or Aldiko while you wait for a reply.

You may be looking in the trash folder by mistake (if the trash can icon on the bottom left of the screen is red then this is the problem). If you are in the Trash folder you will need to select View Folder and then All to return to the Home screen. Your downloaded eBooks should then be visible.