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Wishlists provide a convenient place to put items that you’d like to purchase at a later date, and allows you to share the list with friends and family. Wishlists can be made ‘Private' or ‘Public', more information on list privacy is available below.

All customers start out with a ‘Default’ wishlist but please make sure you log in to save items permanently and access your wishlists. You can create as many wishlists as you like and can give them a name, description and unique colour to help you keep track of your items. When you purchase items from a wishlist they will automatically be removed from all of your wishlists.

Wishlist Homepage
As you first access your wishlists you are presented with the wishlist homepage. The homepage shows an overview of the first 3 items on each of your lists. You can then select a specific list, or click the 'Show All Items' at the bottom of the summary to view all the items on that specific list.

When you have multiple lists they can be accessed in the menu box on the left side of the page under 'My Wishlists’. The heading will be bold to indicate which list you are in.

Create A Wishlist
Clicking on the 'Create New Wishlist' button will open a popup with the information needed to create a new wishlist. You can choose the colour that it will display with and you will be given the option to make it private or public (public wishlists can be shared with others).

Add An Item
You can add an item to your wishlist by using the 'Add to Wishlist’ button located next to or underneath the Add to Basket button on all pages of our website. A dropdown list of your current wish lists will appear so you can select the wishlist that you would like to add the item to.

Edit Your Wishlist
Clicking on the 'Edit List Settings' link will open a dialog that allows you to change the details of your wishlist. You can  change the name of the list as seen when viewing your wishlists and also when clicking on 'Add to Wishlist' dropdown menus. Clicking on the colour band will open up a colour wheel. You can choose any colour you wish from the wheel and your wishlist will be decorated with that colour. You can write a description about your wishlist which will be shown when viewing individual wishlists. There is a limit of 250 characters for your description.

Wishlists can be made 'Private' or 'Public'. Private wishlists can only be viewed by the user that created the wishlist. Public lists can be viewed by any person accessing the URL for that specific wishlist. The wishlist URL can be shared using the “share list” function on the website, or by copying the wishlist URL and manually sharing this via email, Facebook or other social functions. Please note that the name on your account, the wishlist name and description, and the items on the wishlist are publicly accessible when the privacy setting is set to public.

Purchase From Your Wishlists
You can purchase an entire wishlist by clicking on the ‘Purchase List’ button. This will add all the items of that wishlist, with their respective quantities, to your basket. Upon completing your order, purchased items will be removed from any of your wish lists. To purchase a individual item from your wishlist, click on the 'Add to Basket' link under the quantity box. This will add the item to your basket including the quantity specified on the wishlist.

Empty Your Wishlists
Clicking on the ‘Empty List' button will remove all items from that wishlist. The wishlist itself will not be deleted but will remain empty until you add new items to it.

Sort Your Wishlists
You can sort your wishlist via the 'Sort By’ drop down at the top of your wishlist. You can sort by the date added, price or title. This sort will be saved to your wishlist and any new items that you add will be put into their place in the sort order.

Move An Item
To move an item to another wishlist; click on the 'Move' dropdown button next to the product and click on the name of the wishlist you wish to move the item to. That product will be removed from the current wishlist and added to the one you selected.

Remove An Item
To remove an item from your wishlist click on the ‘X' button in that row. This will remove that product from the wishlist entirely. It can be added again afterwards.