All our stores are open. Trading hours may be subject to change.
All our stores are open. Trading hours may be subject to change.

Ticket Your Event

Koorong Tickets is an event ticketing service offered by Koorong, to sell and promote Christian events in Australia. We've already sold thousands of tickets for concerts and events, including Colin Buchanan concerts, Five Loaves film events, and more. Through a free membership to the site, customers can subscribe to our regular eTicket update emails, specific to their local region. Koorong is one of the leading online booksellers nationwide, averaging over 8,000 hits daily.

Koorong’s unique advantage is our customer base, built on loyalty, and effectively targeted to a Christian niche. Koorong is continually expanding this customer base through partner companies such as Five Loaves Media.

Koorong eTickets offers a variety of ticketing options to best meet the needs of each client.

For more information and to ticket you event please complete our online application form.

Standard Inclusions:

  • Your event will be listed as a featured event on our tickets home page
  • You will also have a dedicated page for your event(s).
  • Electronic tickets for your event will be available for purchase through your dedicated page.
  • Electronic tickets will be branded specifically for your event(s).
  • You also have the option to sell physical tickets to your event through Koorong stores. Please note that physical tickets are to be provided to Koorong by the organiser. Alternatively, Koorong can print physical tickets as a paid extra.

Paid Extras Available:

  • A banner ad on
  • Dedicated email marketing
  • Koorong catalogue advertisement inserts (A negotiated discount is available on catalogue inserts for using Koorong’s ticketing service).
  • Graphic design services
  • Printing services
  • POS merchandising stand at your event
  • Barcode ticket scanners at your event
  • Advertising space in the Koorong news feed
  • In-store promotions including advertising space on Koorong’s in-store event board, in-store posters, and flyers

For more information about our extra service email