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Screening Licence FAQ

Federal copyright law requires written permission for any showing of a movie occurring outside of personal home use. This licencing program fulfils the Federal Copyright requirements.

No other program such as CVLI or Big Movie Licence fulfils these requirements for churches and non-profits. Crossroad Distributors and Koorong have exclusive rights to the screening licences of Five Loaves films in Australia and New Zealand.

You will notice there are some films that have three different licences (for example Courageous). These three options depend on your average weekly attendance at your church - Small (0-100 people), Standard (101-500 people), Large (500+ people). Average weekly attendance is a self-choice option based on the average number of individual adults attending the church at the main service(s). This licensing allows for unlimited showing without requiring an audience report for each showing and thus, is based on potential audience. Other films will just have the one licence with the one price regardless of the average weekly attendance.

This licence is valid for 12 months.

There is currently no one off screening licences available. All Five Loaves screening licences are valid for 12 months.

Our licences are specific to a church/organisation and by definition, the church/organisation site/building, but by extension of a church’s regular ministry, many times a showing might be better served off-site of the main church venue. Under the covering of this site licence, we extend the rights to show the movie in areas of regular and special ministry to include, but not limited to:

  • Retreats - any special men’s, women’s, marriage ministry retreats specific to the church, regardless of location. Local Movie Theatre - any special, community screening.
  • Another church site; only if for seating or AV reasons and it MUST be hosted and promoted by the licensee church only (this cannot serve as a free showing for a different church).
  • Local school or community centre location. Often needed for mobile churches without fixed location and/or ministry opportunity or seating or AV reasons in local community centre.
  • Prison ministry in any jail or prison that any group in the church or ministry does outreach.
  • Military base ministry; specific to local area and regular ministry to this location.
  • Nursing home; specific to local area and regular ministry to this location.
  • What do I do if my church has more than once campus?
  • Multi-campus churches must purchase a licence for each campus, but special pricing is available by calling Crossroad Distributors directly (07) 3896 8744 or emailing

Some licences come with a screener DVD and extra promotional material, depending on the film and availability. Consult the various licence pages for specific information.

Yes the price remains the same. The licence also covers the additional use of any other legally obtained retail DVD for this particular movie (such as Blu-Ray).

The screening may be used as a fundraiser but you cannot charge admission. You can however show a ‘suggested donation’ on the tickets for the screening. Donations may be accepted and concessions, goods and resources may be sold with no share of the revenue required by the producer. Please contact Crossroad for more information about resources.

No organisation or church can charge admission. However, because of seating capacity, the event may need to be a ticketed event. The ticket may show a suggested donation.

An organisation providing movie nights for churches and organisations may purchase the Standard licences for each site/venue but can NOT use this licence to go from church to church/location to location.

Images and flyers for PowerPoint presentations, announcements and tickets can be obtained through Crossroad. Promotional material varies from film to film. Please email to request promotional material.