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8 Simple Tools For Raising Great Kids

Paperback|Jan 2016
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: I love my child, but parenting is hard. As a child psychologist with over twenty years of experience with families, Todd Cartmell knows what works in parenting-and what doesn't. Here he gives eight simple tools you need to...

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I love my child, but parenting is hard. As a child psychologist with over twenty years of experience with families, Todd Cartmell knows what works in parenting-and what doesn't. Here he gives eight simple tools you need to raise great kids and build a close, loving, and sturdy family. Practical and illustrated with real-life examples, 8 Simple Tools is packed with parenting tips designed with busy parents in mind.

8 Simple Tools breaks each tool into five short chapters, perfect for when you only have a second. Plus, each chapter ends with a practical "Tip" section that will help you remember the main point of the chapter and apply it right away. Employ all eight tools in your parenting and you will change the trajectory of your child's life and even that of your family. Your relationship will be built on love and trust, providing you with fertile ground for planting God's wisdom in the heart of your child, and ultimately, seeing them flourish.


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Todd Cartmell

Dr. Todd Cartmell (Psy.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a popular speaker and child psychologist. He is the author of The Parent Survival Guide: 41 Positive Solutions to Common Kid Problems, Keep the Siblings, Lose the Rivalry: 10 Steps to Turn Your Kids into Teammates, The Parent Lifesaver, and Raising Respectful Kids.

  • :<div><p>introduction</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #1: Talking</p><p>chapter 1:&amp;#160; Control Your Volume Knob</p><p>chapter 2:&amp;#160; If Unsure, Press Pause</p><p>chapter 3:&amp;#160; Start With You</p><p>chapter 4:&amp;#160; Be Easy To Listen To</p><p>chapter 5:&amp;#160; Play A Game Of Catch</p><p>talking Tips And Reflection Questions</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #2: Listening</p><p>chapter 6:&amp;#160; Listen First</p><p>chapter 7: Listen To Understand </p><p>chapter 8:&amp;#160; Listen Often</p><p>chapter 9:&amp;#160; Listen To Everything</p><p>chapter 10:&amp;#160; Listen With Your Entire Body</p><p>listening Tips And Reflection Questions</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #3: Influencing</p><p>chapter 11:&amp;#160; Remember Who They Are</p><p>chapter 12:&amp;#160; Understand The Power Of Your Words</p><p>chapter 13:&amp;#160; Be A Fountain Of Life</p><p>chapter 14:&amp;#160; See More Than Meets The Eye</p><p>chapter 15:&amp;#160; Find The Lesson<br>influencing Tips And Reflection Questions</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #4: Connecting</p><p>chapter 16:&amp;#160; Use Your Touch</p><p>chapter 17:&amp;#160; Avoid The Time Trap</p><p>chapter 18:&amp;#160; Get Into Their World</p><p>chapter 19:&amp;#160; Learn Together</p><p>chapter 20:&amp;#160; Have A Regular Family Time</p><p>connecting Tips And Reflection Questions</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #5: Teaching</p><p>chapter 21:&amp;#160; Emphasize Respect</p><p>chapter 22:&amp;#160; Practice Positive Behavior</p><p>chapter 23:&amp;#160; Teach Flexible Thinking</p><p>chapter 24:&amp;#160; Find The Solution</p><p>chapter 25:&amp;#160; Solve Problems On The Spot</p><p>teaching Tips And Reflection Questions</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #6: Encouraging</p><p>chapter 26:&amp;#160; Point Out Positive Behaviors</p><p>chapter 27:&amp;#160; Point Out Positive Traits</p><p>chapter 28:&amp;#160; Water The Whole Lawn Regularly</p><p>chapter 29:&amp;#160; Look Past The Failure</p><p>chapter 30:&amp;#160; Look Backwards Together</p><p>encouraging Tips And Reflection Questions</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #7:&amp;#160; Correcting</p><p>chapter 31:&amp;#160; Focus On Your Job</p><p>chapter 32:&amp;#160; Help Your Kids Bounce</p><p>chapter 33:&amp;#160; Make A Quick Response</p><p>chapter 34:&amp;#160; Teach The Right Lesson</p><p>chapter 35:&amp;#160; Teach The Right Lesson The Right Way</p><p>correcting Tips And Reflection Questions</p><p>&amp;#160;</p><p>tool #8:&amp;#160; Leading</p><p>chapter 36:&amp;#160; Remember The Power Of Your Example</p><p>chapter 37:&amp;#160; Practice Your Faith With Your Kids</p><p>chapter 38:&amp;#160;&amp;#160; Do Right Right</p><p>chapter 39:&amp;#160; Do Wrong Right</p><p>chapter 40:&amp;#160; Be A Personhood Leader</p><p>leading Tips And Reflection Questions</p></div>