Amos Hosea Micah: An Archaeological Commentary

Paperback|May 1988
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176 Pages

Using artifacts and texts from the eighth century B.C. (many of them unpublished), King illuminates enigmatic passages. "Written for nonspecialists in a nontechnical and interesting style, yet the results are so impressive that even specialists will not be able to bypass it,"---Biblical Archaeologist.

Eminently qualified to write this groundbreaking book, Philip King is known as both an archaeological and biblical authority. Defining biblical archaeology as the "process of correlating archaeological evidence with the biblical record," he sees the function of this discipline as the illumination of the events recorded in the Bible in order to clarify the text. InAmos, Hosea, and Micah, King offers an enlightening and elegant commentary on the eight-century prophets from an archaeological perspective.



Philip J King

King is Professor of Biblical Studies, Department of Theology, Boston College. He has spent more than 3 decades teaching the Hebrew Bible and doing fieldwork in biblical archaeology. He is a Priest of the Archdiocese of Boston.

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