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An Introduction to Biblical Ethics (Third Edition)

Hardback|Jul 2014
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:What should we do or not do? What attitudes, behavior and qualities are good? Can we be good without God? What is the highest good, the purpose of human existence? These are the questions the study of ethics seeks to...

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:What should we do or not do? What attitudes, behavior and qualities are good? Can we be good without God? What is the highest good, the purpose of human existence? These are the questions the study of ethics seeks to answer. Unlike many approaches to ethics, this book foundationally turns to Scripture, going only as far as Scripture itself goes. The result is an overview of biblical ethics that not only addresses the life of love and wisdom to be lived out by Christians as virtuous individuals, but also as Christians in community, in society and in a world of God's creation. Key preliminary considerations of love, law, sin and virtue are given their due in this thoroughly revised and updated text. The bulk of the work is then organized around the Ten Commandments and ethical themes springing from them-loving God (commandments 1-4) and loving others (commandments 6-10). This new edition includes added material on ethical alternatives such as relativism, social contract, utilitarianism and evolutionary ethics the seven deadly sins as well as the cardinal virtues vs. theological virtues end-of-life ethics, stem-cell research, animal rights, sexuality, genetics and technology, and other bioethical issues such as plastic surgery and surrogate motherhood technology and its depersonalizing effects as well as helping the poor the church's engagement in society and how Christians can make a difference in the media. McQuilkin and Copan stay focused on how we are fulfilling the purposes of God for our lives-a will that is for our good and our well-being. This comprehensive study is the place to begin on the journey of living wisely, faithfully and obediently.

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Paul Copan

Paul Copan (Ph.D., Marquette University) is Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida. He has authored and edited a number of books including True for You, But Not for Me: Deflating the Slogans that Leave Christians Speechless (Bethany House), That's Just Your Interpretation: Responding to Skeptics Who Challenge Your Faith (Baker), co-authored with William Lane Craig, Creation ex Nihilo: A Biblical, Philosophical, and Scientific Exploration (Baker Book House) and Jesus' Resurrection Fact Or Figment? (Intervarsity Press), and most recently When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics.
Koorong -Editorial Review.

J Robertson McQuilkin

J. Robertson McQuilkin is President Emeritus, Columbia International University.He served as the third president of Columbia International University from 1968 to 1990 distinguishing himself as a spiritual and practical visionary. Under his leadership, CIU made advancements in accreditation standing and faculty development, growth in the graduate and seminary programs, the initiation of radio ministry and the expansion of campus facilities.
Prior to becoming president of CIU, McQuilkin served as headmaster of Ben Lippen School, then for 12 years as a missionary in Japan. He is the author of The Great Omission; Understanding and Applying the Bible; A Promise Kept; Life in the Spirit and The Five Smooth Stones .
Koorong -Editorial Review.

  • :preface
  • Introduction
  • <strong>book 1: Foundational Considerations
  • Part I: Love</strong>
  • 1: Defining Love
  • 2: The Objects And Conflicts Of Love
  • <strong>part Ii: Law</strong>
  • 3: The Law: Its Definition And Purpose
  • 4: The Law, Christ, Salvation-history, And Obedience
  • <strong>part Iii: Sin</strong>
  • 5: Sin: Its Definition And Its Origin
  • 6: Sin: Its Descriptions And Its Results
  • <strong>part Iv: Virtues And Vices</strong>
  • 7: Becoming A Virtuous Person
  • 8: Self-control And Bodily Appetites, Greed And Contentment
  • 9: Pride And Humility; Fear, Faith, Courage, And Hope
  • <strong>part Iv; Ethical Alternatives</strong>
  • 10: Relativism, Utilitarianism, And The Social Contract
  • 11: The Duty-ethic, Evolutionary Ethics, And God As The Moral Foundation
  • <strong>book 2: Applying The Bible To Life
  • Part Vi: God First</strong>
  • 12: No Other Gods Or Making And Worshiping Images
  • 13: Not Taking God&#146;s Name In Vain And Observing The Holy Rest Day
  • <strong>part Vii: Sex, Marriage, And The Family</strong>
  • 14: Preliminary Considerations On Human Sexuality And The Purposes Of Marriage
  • 15: Violations Of God&#146;s Purposes In Marriage: Mixed Spiritual Unions, Adultery, Polygamy, And Divorce
  • 16: Nonmarital Violations Of God&#146;s Purposes For Sexuality: Lust, Pornography, And Premarital Sex
  • 17: Courtship/dating And Engagement
  • 18: The Question Of Homosexuality: Biblical And Scientific Questions
  • 19: The Gay Marriage Question And Miscellaneous Sexual Considerations
  • 20: The Christian Home
  • <strong>part Viii: Life Issues</strong>
  • 21: Murder, Killing, And Anger; Race And Racism
  • 22: Abortion And Infanticide
  • 23: Suicide, Euthanasia, And Other Medical Ethical Considerations
  • 24: War And Peace
  • 25: Crime And Punishment
  • <strong>part Ix: Integrity: Property And Truth</strong>
  • 26: Labor And Management, Work And Leisure
  • 27: Economic Systems, Poverty, Wealth And Theft
  • 28: Truth And Deception
  • <strong>part X: Christians And Society</strong>
  • 29: Church-state Separation
  • 30: Alternative Approaches To The Church-state Relationship
  • 31: The Roles Of Church And Government
  • 32: Christian Engagement In Society
  • <strong>part Xi: Fallible Choices</strong>
  • 33: Ethical Questions On Which Christians Differ
  • 34: Knowing God&#146;s Will In Matters Not Revealed In Scripture
  • Afterword
  • Indexes