Authentic Church ,The

Paperback|Apr 1998
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173 Pages

What are you doing between now and when Jesus comes back? Paul's letters to the church in Thessalonica are regarded as the first he wrote and so give the oldest accounts of life in the New Testament Church. Paul and his colleagues took the Gospel to Thessalonica, where their evangelism was blessed in the creation of a thriving church. Despite this, Paul and his friends were forced out of the city, leaving the new church wondering how it would survive. What are the most important things that Paul could write to them-to keep them going straight? He highlights evangelism, prayer, leadership and the use of spiritual gifts. He points out the problems with a misunderstanding of the second coming, the anti-Christ and what will really happen on the day Jesus returns.^^


D Jackman

Jackman, based in London, England, is director of the Cornhill Training Course. A respected Bible teacher in Britain, he is also the author of Understanding the Church.