Becky's Secret Surprise (#12 in Twelve Candles Series)

Paperback|Sep 1997
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10 Chapters

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10 Chapters

Prayer helps Becky deal with the changes in her life, including moving to a new house, getting used to a sullen stepbrother, feeling left out of the Twelve Candles Club, and worrying about a friend's interest in hypnotism.

Now you can read all about three of them. You will meet Rebekah, the loyal mother of famous twins Hannah, the faithful woman who prayed Esther, the brave queen who saved her people. These Old Testament heroines had courage and faith and you will have fun reading their stories. And you will see how special it is to be God's friend. Fully faithful to Scripture, Carine Mackenzie's concise text appears in uncomplicated sentences and larger print that young children will be proud to read by themselves. Together with Duncan McLaren's colorful full-page illustrations, these Bible women and their stories come to life.

Book 12 in The Twelve Candles Club for middle-grade readers. How will Becky break the news to the club that she can no longer be their president?


Elaine Schulte

Schulte is a prolific writer. She lives in Fallbrook, California.

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