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Better Together? : A Course in Relationships in 5 Parts (Cd-Audio) (York Courses Series)

CD|Dec 2004
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An ecumenical course for discussion groups in five sessions - ideal for Lent, yet not Lent-specific comprising course booklet, audio and transcript In addition to relationships within the family and church, this thought-provoking 5-session course considers the way...

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An ecumenical course for discussion groups in five sessions - ideal for Lent, yet not Lent-specific

comprising course booklet, audio and transcript

In addition to relationships within the family and church, this thought-provoking 5-session course considers the way we relate to strangers, mend broken relationships and relate to God.

5 sessions:
1. Family Relationships
2. Church Relationships
3. Relating to Strangers
4. Broken Relationships
5. Our Relationship with God

Christianity is not just a private matter. Yes, it is about our own interior life and our personal relationship with God - but it is much, much more. It is concerned with how we treat and relate to one another both inside and outside the church; it is about how we function as families and societies; it is about how broken relationships can be mended and what to do when they can't.

These are the areas of life that Better Together? deals with - and it looks frankly at how the Christian perspective may differ from that of society at large.

The participants on the course audio are John Bell, Nicky Gumbel and Jane Williams. Abbot Timothy provides the thoughtful Closing Reflection at the end of each session.

The course booklet, written by Canon John Young and Revd David Gamble includes a good selection of questions at the end of each of the five sessions, designed to stimulate wide-ranging discussion. Each group needs 1 copy of the course audio, and ideally a personal copy of the course booklet for each member. In addition many groups find the transcript, which sets out the words as spoken on the recorded material, invaluable.

- Publisher


John Young

John Young is an ordained Anglican minister who has worked in parishes, schools and higher education. He has written over 30 books/booklets and around half a million copies of these have been sold. His work has been translated into several languages, including Chinese and Russian. John worked for two Archbishops of York, was for many years a member of the General Synod, and is a Canon Emeritus of York Minster. He has preached in some of Britain's great cathedrals, including St Paul's and York Minster, and his sermons appeared regularly in The Times' annual Book of Best Sermons. He is also a broadcaster and co-founder of York Courses (

John Bell

John L. Bell is a writer, occasional broadcaster, and a member of the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community, working in the areas of liturgy and spirituality. He is the author of Hard Words for Interesting Times: Biblical texts in contemporary contexts; Thinking Out Loud; He Was In the World and All That Matters

Nicky Gumbel

Nicky Gumbel practised as a barrister for six years before being ordained into the Church of England. He joined Holy Trinity Brompton as curate in 1986 and took over the running of their Alpha Course in 1990. In 1996 the Bishop of London appointed him as an Alpha Chaplain. He speaks regularly at national and international Alpha conferences and is the author of several books including Questions of Life, which has sold over 750,000 copies, has been translated into 48 languages and was voted Christian Book of the Year.- Publisher.

Tom Wright

N.T.(Tom) Wright (D.Phil., Oxford) has recently retired as Bishop of Durham, and is one of the most influential theologians in the world today. During his long and dynamic ministry career, Wright has successfully blended the roles of pastor, preacher, academic, and popular author. His prolific written output reaches a wide range of readers: his books The New Testament and the People of God; Jesus and the Victory of God; and The Resurrection of the Son of God are monumental works of New Testament scholarship, while his For Everyone commentary series brings the Bible alive for a popular audience. Wright is currently Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.
Koorong -Editorial Review.

David Hope

David Hope is Archbishop of York and Primate of the Northern Province of the Church of England.

Jane Williams

Jane Williams was born in India, one of five sisters, and read Theology at Cambridge University before going on to work in theological publishing and education.
She has published, amongst other things, Bread, Wine and Women (with Sue Dowell); Perfect Freedom, Lectionary Reflections; Approaching Christmas and, more recently, Approaching Easter. She has also written a Sunday readings column for the Church Times.

Jane now works as a Visiting Lecturer at King's College London, as a Lecturer at the St Paul's Theological Centre, and for Redemptorist Publications.

Jane and Rowan (Archbishop of Canterbury) have been married since 1981 and together they have a son and a daughter.

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