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Beyond Hashtag Activism

eBook|May 2020
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The world is not as God intends it to be. God's heart is to make things right, and for the world to be just. But complex problems warrant more sustained attention than quick posts on social media. How can we...

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The world is not as God intends it to be. God's heart is to make things right, and for the world to be just. But complex problems warrant more sustained attention than quick posts on social media. How can we actually make a difference? Activist Mae Elise Cannon takes us beyond the hashtags to serious engagement with real issues. God calls the church to respond substantively to the needs of the poor, the realities of racial inequity, and the mistreatment of women and the marginalized. We can accomplish change through a range of strategic avenues-spiritually, socially, legally, politically, and economically. And addressing the domestic and international injustices of our day takes us on a journey of spiritual transformation that brings us closer to God and those around us. Channel your passion to care effectively for your neighbor and the world. This book will help you understand and put into action what it means for the church to be a place of peace, justice, and hope.


Mae Elise Cannon

Mae Elise Cannon (cand Ph.D., University of California-Davis) has been in Christian ministry for the last ten years and is currently the Executive Pastor at Hillside Covenant Church in Walnut Creek, California : She is the author Social Justice Handbook:Small Steps for a Better World.
She formally served as the Director of Development & Transformation at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois and has served several years as a chaplain in the Resurrection Health Care System. She has her Masters of Divinity (MDiv) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from North Park Theological Seminary and School of Nonprofit Management in Chicago, Illinois and Master of Arts degree (MA) in Bioethics from Trinity International University.

  • The World Is Not As God Intends It To Be. God's Heart Is To Make Things Right, And For The World To Be Just. But Complex Problems Warrant More Sustained Attention Than Quick Posts On Social Media. How Can We Actually Make A Difference? Activist Mae Elise Cannon Takes Us Beyond The Hashtags To Serious Engagement With Real Issues. God Calls The Church To Respond Substantively To The Needs Of The Poor, The Realities Of Racial Inequity, And The Mistreatment Of Women And The Marginalized. We Can Accomplish Change Through A Range Of Strategic Avenues-spiritually, Socially, Legally, Politically, And Economically. And Addressing The Domestic And International Injustices Of Our Day Takes Us On A Journey Of Spiritual Transformation That Brings Us Closer To God And Those Around Us. Channel Your Passion To Care Effectively For Your Neighbor And The World. This Book Will Help You Understand And Put Into Action What It Means For The Church To Be A Place Of Peace, Justice, And Hope.
  • <strong>part I: Biblical Justice And The Gospel</strong>
  • 1. God's Justice And Prophetic Advocacy
  • 2. Politics And The Gospel
  • <strong>part Ii: Poverty</strong>
  • 3. Global Poverty
  • 4. Domestic Poverty
  • <strong>part Iii: Race</strong>
  • 5. White Supremacy And American Christianity
  • 6. Racial Violence, Police Brutality, And The Age Of Incarceration
  • 7. Global Immigration And Battles At The Border
  • 8. Divisions Of Race And Ethnicity Around The World
  • <strong>part Iv: Gender</strong>
  • 9. #metoo, Women In The Workplace And In The Church
  • 10. The Liberation Of Women Around The World
  • <strong>part V: Twenty-first-century Divides</strong>
  • 11. Marriage And Sexuality
  • 12. The Middle East, Israel, And Palestine
  • 13. Religious Freedom
  • Epilogue: A Recommitment To Biblical Justice And Beloved Community

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