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Calvin's New Testament Commentaries (Calvin's New Testament Commentary Series)

Paperback|Feb 1996
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These classic commentaries by John Calvin, theologian par excellence of the reformation, laid the foundation for all later Protestant exegesis of the Bible. Marked by an honest, careful handling of the text, Calvin's expositions of Scripture remain as modern as...

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John Calvin

John Calvin, born in 1509 and designated for the Catholic priesthood by his father, became the great French Protestant reformer famous for his doctrine of predestination and his theocratic view of the state. In Geneva, he rejected Papal authority, established a new scheme of civic and ecclesiastical governance, and created a central hub from which Reformed theology was propagated. He engaged in long bitter struggles over the independence of the Church from the State and the rules he tried to impose on Geneva as a whole. The Institutes of the Christian Religion, one of the most famous theological books ever published established Calvin's system of doctrine and Church which has shaped more minds and entered into more nations than that of any other reformer. When he died in Geneva in 1564, he left both a city and a world transformed by the impact of his ideas and beliefs. - Publisher.

Calvin's NT Commentaries (12 Volume Set) (Calvin's New Testament Commentary Series) Hardback

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