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Coming to Peace With Psychology

eBook|Jun 2013
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Religion and science have often been at odds. In particular, Christianity and psychology have not always gotten along. Some Christians are still suspicious of psychological findings. But researcher Everett Worthington argues that Christians can know people better--and even know God...

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Religion and science have often been at odds. In particular, Christianity and psychology have not always gotten along. Some Christians are still suspicious of psychological findings. But researcher Everett Worthington argues that Christians can know people better--and even know God better--through psychological science. Worthington suggests that the relationship between psychological science and Christianity is less like a war or mere dialogue and more like an emerging marriage. In this relational model of psychology and Christianity, there may be marital spats at times but also great potential for an intimate, mutually fulfilling relationship. Worthington demonstrates how the tools of experimental psychology shed light on human nature and the nature of God. Because people bear the image of God, the findings of psychological science help us understand both people and God more clearly. Psychological science provides new perspectives on theology and can help us address theological controversies and hot topics. Worthington gives recent examples of illuminating psychological findings, examines the distortions of the image of God through the effects of sin and points to ways that psychology assists Christians in living more virtuously. Psychology can contribute to the Christian life, because all of us, psychologists and non-psychologists alike, are human and can benefit from better understanding our fellow humankind. Beyond integrating Christian and psychological truths, this book uncovers new relationships between science and religion, demonstrates psychology's benefits to theology, and helps Christians live a redeemed life that is pleasing to God.

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Everett L Worthington (Jr)

Everett L. Worthington Jr. (Ph.D., University of Missouri) is professor of psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. A licensed clinical psychologist, he works with VCU's counseling program and with VCU's social psychology and developmental psychology programs. He is the director of VCU's Marital Assessment, Therapy and Enrichment Center (MATE) and served as executive director of A Campaign for Forgiveness Research.
He has published more than 200 articles and papers on forgiveness, marriage and family, psychotherapy and virtue in a wide variety of journals and magazines. He was the founding editor of Marriage and Family: A Christian Journal and sits on the editorial boards of several professional journals. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, The 700 Club and in many national newspapers.

He is the author of more than twenty books including Handbook of Forgiveness; Hope-Focused Marriage Counselling; and Forgiving and Reconciling. Most recently he has produced A Just Forgiveness: Responsible Healing Without Excusing Injustice.

  • Religion And Science Have Often Been At Odds. In Particular, Christianity And Psychology Have Not Always Gotten Along. Some Christians Are Still Suspicious Of Psychological Findings. But Researcher Everett Worthington Argues That Christians Can Know People Better--and Even Know God Better--through Psychological Science. Worthington Suggests That The Relationship Between Psychological Science And Christianity Is Less Like A War Or Mere Dialogue And More Like An Emerging Marriage. In This Relational Model Of Psychology And Christianity, There May Be Marital Spats At Times But Also Great Potential For An Intimate, Mutually Fulfilling Relationship. Worthington Demonstrates How The Tools Of Experimental Psychology Shed Light On Human Nature And The Nature Of God. Because People Bear The Image Of God, The Findings Of Psychological Science Help Us Understand Both People And God More Clearly. Psychological Science Provides New Perspectives On Theology And Can Help Us Address Theological Controversies And Hot Topics. Worthington Gives Recent Examples Of Illuminating Psychological Findings, Examines The Distortions Of The Image Of God Through The Effects Of Sin And Points To Ways That Psychology Assists Christians In Living More Virtuously. Psychology Can Contribute To The Christian Life, Because All Of Us, Psychologists And Non-psychologists Alike, Are Human And Can Benefit From Better Understanding Our Fellow Humankind. Beyond Integrating Christian And Psychological Truths, This Book Uncovers New Relationships Between Science And Religion, Demonstrates Psychology's Benefits To Theology, And Helps Christians Live A Redeemed Life That Is Pleasing To God.
  • Introduction
  • Part I: The Relationship Of Psychological Science To Theology
  • 1 Interesting Things About People
  • 2 A Tale Of Two Cities
  • 3 What Information Can I Trust?
  • 4 Why You Might Not Believe What You Don’t Already Believe
  • 5 The Methods Of Disciplines
  • 6 A Relational Model
  • 7 Understanding The Relational Partners
  • 8 Dealing With Some Challenges
  • Part Ii: What Psychological Science Has To Offer Theology
  • 9 Psychological Science Provides A New Tool
  • 10 Psychological Science Is Limited
  • 11 Psychological Science Strengthens Theological Claims
  • 12 Psychological Science Adds New Ideas To Theology
  • 13 Psychological Science Addresses Theologically Hot Social Controversies
  • 14 Psychological Science Helps Us Understand Virtuous Living
  • 15 Psychological Science Helps Us Live More Virtuously
  • 16 Can Psychological Science Help Us Know God Better?
  • Notes
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index

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