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Creation and Doxology - the Beginning and End of God's Good World (Center For Pastor Theologians Series)

Paperback|Oct 2018
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The doctrine of creation is crucial to the Christian faith, but it has often been maligned, misinterpreted, or ignored.

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The doctrine of creation is crucial to the Christian faith, but it has often been maligned, misinterpreted, or ignored.

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Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson (Ph.D. in New Testament at the University of Cambridge) is responsible for teaching and training adults at College Church, Wheaton Illinois. This includes our adult communities, mens and womens ministries, and several other opportunities for learning and growth. He joined the staff at College Church in September 2005, and is an adjunct instructor in biblical studies at Wheaton College. He is the author of The Curse of the Law and the Crisis in Galatia (Mohr-Siebeck), Paul's Life and Letters (Lion Publishing), and coeditor (with Leland Ryken) of Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching: In Honor of Dr. R. Kent Hughes (Crossway). Todd and his wife, Katie, have three children. -Editorial Review.

Gerald Hiestand

GERALD HIESTAND (MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is senior associate pastor at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois, and currently serves as president of the Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology.JAY S. THOMAS (ThM, MDiv, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) serves as lead pastor of Chapel Hill Bible Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

  • :acknowledgments
  • Introduction: In Praise Of Beauty: The Native Connection Between Creation And Doxology (gerald Hiestand And Todd Wilson)
  • <strong>part I: The Doctrine Of Creation Expressed</strong>
  • 1. Reading Genesis 1 With The Fourth Commandment: The Creation Week As A Calandar Narrative (michael Lefebvre)
  • 2. Galaxies, Genes, And The Glory Of God (deb Haarsma)
  • 3. Mere Creation: Ten Theses (most) Evangelicals Can (mostly) Agree On (todd Wilson)
  • 4. All Truth Is God's Truth: A Defense Of Dogmatic Creationism (hans Madueme)
  • <strong>part Ii: The Doctrine Of Creation Explored</strong>
  • 5. Is The World Sacramental? Ontology, Language, And Scripture (jeremy Mann)
  • 6. Irenaeus, The Devil, And The Goodness Of Creation: How Iranaeus's Account Of The Devil Reshapes The Christian Narrative In A Pro-terrestial Direction (gerald Hiestand)
  • 7. Wendell Berry And The Materiality Of Creation (stephen Witmer)
  • 8. Creation, New Creation, And The So-called Mission Of God (john Walton)
  • <strong>part Iii: The Doctrine Of Creation Practiced </strong>
  • 9. Intellectually Frustrated Atheists And Intellectually Frustrated Christians: The Strange Opportunity Of The Late-modern World (andy Crouch)
  • 10. It All Begins In Genesis: Thinking Theologically About Medicine, Technology, And The Christian Life (paige Comstock Cunningham)
  • 11. Justice, Creation, And New Creation: In Christ All Things Hold Together (kristen Deede Johnson)
  • 12. Creation, Theology, And One Local Church In Southern California (gregory Waybright)
  • Contributors
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