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Dictionary of Christianity and Science

eBook|Apr 2017
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The definitive reference work on science and Christian belief How does Christian theology relate to scientific inquiry? What are the competing philosophies of science, and do they "work" with a Christian faith based on the Bible? No reference work...

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The definitive reference work on science and Christian belief

How does Christian theology relate to scientific inquiry? What are the competing philosophies of science, and do they "work" with a Christian faith based on the Bible? No reference work has covered this terrain sufficiently--until now.

Featuring entries from over 140 international contributors, the Dictionary of Christianity and Science is a deeply-researched, peer-reviewed, fair-minded work that illuminates the intersection of science and Christian belief. In one volume, you get reliable summaries and critical analyses of over 450 relevant concepts, theories, terms, movements, individuals, and debates. You will find answers to your toughest questions about faith and science, from the existence of Adam and Eve to the age of the earth, evolution and string theory.


Over 450 entries that will help you think through some of today's most challenging scientific topics, including climate change, evolution, bioethics, and much more Essays from over 140 leading international scholars, including Francis Beckwith, Michael Behe, Darrell Bock, William Lane Craig, Hugh Ross, Craig Keener, Davis Young, John Walton, and many more Multiple-view essays on controversial topics allow you to understand and compare differing Christian viewpoints Learn about flesh-and-blood figures who have shaped the interaction of science and religion: Augustine, Aquinas, Bacon, Darwin, and Stephen Hawking are just the beginning Fully cross-referenced, entries include references and recommendations for further reading
Advance Praise:

"Every Christian studying science will want a copy within arm's reach." --Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary

"This is an invaluable resource that belongs in every Christian's library. I will be keeping my copy close by when I'm writing." --Lee Strobel, Elizabeth and John Gibson chair of apologetics, Houston Baptist University

"Sparkles with passion, controversy, and diverse perspectives."--Karl Giberson, professor of science and religion, Stonehill College

"An impressive resource that presents a broad range of topics from a broad tent of evangelical scholars."--Michael R. Licona, Houston Baptist University

"I am certain that this dictionary will serve the church for many years in leading many to demonstrate that modern science can glorify our Creator and honor his creation." --Denis O. Lamoureux, University of Alberta

"'Dictionary' is too humble a label for what this is! I anticipate that this will offer valuable guidance for Christian faithfulness." --C. John Collins, Covenant Theological Seminary

Get answers to the difficult questions surround faith and science!

Adam and Eve | the Age of the Earth | Climate Change | Evolution | Fossil Record | Genesis Flood | Miracles | Cosmology | Big Bang theory | Bioethics | Darwinism Death | Extraterrestrial Life | Multiverse | String theory | and much, much more


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Paul Copan

Paul Copan (Ph.D., Marquette University) is Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida. He has authored and edited a number of books including True for You, But Not for Me: Deflating the Slogans that Leave Christians Speechless (Bethany House), That's Just Your Interpretation: Responding to Skeptics Who Challenge Your Faith (Baker), co-authored with William Lane Craig, Creation ex Nihilo: A Biblical, Philosophical, and Scientific Exploration (Baker Book House) and Jesus' Resurrection Fact Or Figment? (Intervarsity Press), and most recently When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics.
Koorong -Editorial Review.

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