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El Libro De Las Respuestas (The Answers Book)

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El Libro De Las Respuestas (The Answers Book)

Ken Ham

An accomplised author of some of the most popular and effective apologetic
resources on the market, Ken Ham is also the founder of Answers in Genesis-U.
S. andthe president of the Creation Museum. He is also one of the most
in-demand Christian speaker at hundreds of venues to tens of thousands of
believers across the globe each year.

Jonathan Sarfati

A former New Zealand Chess Champion known to play up to 12 opponents while he is blindfolded, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati obtained a B.Sc. in chemistry and earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Wellington in New Zealand, where he also co-founded the Wellington Christian Apologetics Society. Since 1996, he has been a research scientist, speaker and writer for Answers in Genesis in Australia, authoring Refuting Evolution and its sequel, Refuting Evolution 2, as well as Refuting Compromise, and serving as a co-author for the Revised and Expanded Answers Book.

Carl Wieland

Carl Wieland is founder and director of Answers in Genesis (Australia), a leading research organization that teaches the veracity of the Bible from the very first verse. He is also the co-author of "When Christians Roamed the Earth; Walking Through Shadows; Stones Bones; and The Creation Answers Book.

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