Encountering New Religious Movements

Paperback|Feb 2004
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304 Pages

^This groundbreaking work showcases a new approach for reaching new religious movements, cults, and sects. Countless new religious movements (NRMs) have sprung up across the United States and around the world in the last century. The many scholars and pastors contributing to this book have found that the best way to approach these groups is not to point out Biblical heresies and doctrinal aberrations, but instead to view NRMs as mission fields, much like we view foreign people groups. The authors of this volume demonstrate that the gospel needs to be contextualized for NRMs and that evangelists will want to be incarnational in their approaches. Using historical accounts and biblical basis, these top missiologists present their methodology and practical advice for reaching out to groups such as the Latter-day Saints, New Age, New Spirituality, Wicca, Mother Goddess, and Satanism.Cutting-edge scholarshipShowcases some of the finest evangelical missiologistsProvides methods that are bo

Using historical and biblical accounts, the authors present practical advice for evangelizing practitioners of new religions with approaches similar to those used to reach foreign people groups.

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Irving Hexham (Ed)

Irving Hexham (Ph.D., University of Bristol) is professor of religious studies at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is a noted authority on world religions. Hexham is the author of over twenty books including Understanding Cults and New Religions; The Pocket Dictionary of Cults and New Religions and most recently Understanding World Religions: An Interdisciplinary Approach.

Stephen Rost (Ed)

Stephen Rost, pastor of Grace Fellowship of Dixon in Dixon, California, has served as presisdent of the Society for the Study of Alternative Religions, an ETS study group.

John Morehead (Ed)

John W. Morehead II, associate director of Watchman Fellowship in Sacramento, California, is the cofounder and coeditor of Sacred Tribes: Journal of Christian Missions to New Religious Movements, an e-journal that focuses on reaching adherents of new religions.

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