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From Eden to the New Jerusalem

PB Large Format|Jun 2008
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Exploring God's plan for life on earth Why does the earth exist? ^What is the purpose of human life? ^These are two of life's most fundamental questions - and they are addressed by the Bible's remarkably...

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Exploring God's plan for life on earth Why does the earth exist? ^What is the purpose of human life? ^These are two of life's most fundamental questions - and they are addressed by the Bible's remarkably unified story, which centres on a unique deity.
^^Desmond Alexander explores this story by beginning at the end, in the final chapters of the book of Revelation. Anticipating the creation of a new earth and a new heaven, these chapters bring to fulfilment a process that began with the creation of the earth, as described in the opening chapters of Genesis. These passages frame the entire biblical 'meta-story'.

^^This stimulating study outlines some of the central themes that run through the Bible, with broad brush strokes designed to show the general shape of the meta-story. Seeing the big picture enables us to appreciate the details more clearly; and since the themes were an integral part of the thought-world of the biblical authors, an appreciation of them may alter significantly our reading of individual books.

^^Good theology always has pastoral implications, and the study occasionally moves into areas of application ? the truths revealed are extremely important for shaping our life-style choices.

^^'This is thematic biblical theology at its best. Dr Alexander has done us all a great service in providing this succinct, inspirational and compelling examination of some of the great themes of the Bible. In doing so he gathers up many different threads in the biblical story and shows with skill their inter-relatedness, their fulfilment in Christ, and their consummation in the New Jerusalem. Rich pickings in a short space!'
^Graeme Goldsworthy

Personal stories aren't enough to offer individuals peace when they question their own existence. But the Bible's story comes not from humanity, but from God. Author, T. Desmond Alexander, suggests that God has given us the reasons for creation and our existence in the Bible. "by resolving an intricate plot that sheds light on the entire story," Alexander writes. Using this theory to start from the denouement, or resolution, in Revelation's last verses and work backward, Alexander pieces together the Bible's overarching plot. The resulting picture reveals the reasons for creation and life that have eluded those who seek to answer life's biggest questions without first placing themselves in God's story.


T Desmond Alexander

T. Desmond Alexander (Ph.D., Queen's University, Belfast) is director of Christian training, Union Theological College, Belfast, and formerly lecturer in Semitic studies at The Queen's University in Belfast. He is the author of From Paradise to the Promised Land: An Introduction to the Main Themes of the Pentateuch; From Eden to the New Jerusalem: Exploring Gods plan for life on earth; Abraham in the Negev; The Book of Exodus (Apollos Old Testament Commentary) and Jonah (Tyndale Old Tesament Commentary), and he is a coeditor (with Brian S. Rosner) of the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology and The Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch (with David W. Baker).
Koorong -Editorial Review.

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