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God's Glorious Church (Understanding God Series)

Paperback|Aug 2004
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Dr. Tony Evans shows how the church is nothing less than the ongoing incarnation of Christ on earth -- a living body with a mission, a purpose, and an ultimate call to disciple the whole world. Verse by verse, Tony...

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Dr. Tony Evans shows how the church is nothing less than the ongoing incarnation of Christ on earth -- a living body with a mission, a purpose, and an ultimate call to disciple the whole world. Verse by verse, Tony explores what Jesus really meant when He said, "On this rock I will build my church." And why you, no less than the apostle Peter, are one of the living stones that make up the mysterious structure that is the church today. You'll discover the church's mandate in the Great Commission and come to definitive conclusions about how it should be organized and what it should be trying to achieve. Book jacket.

Tony Evans defines the church in vibrant terms: it is a continuation of Christ's incarnation. As such, it is the most important spiritual institution in human history. He helps the church discover its identity and purpose for existence, and provides believers a biblically healthy context in which to grow and live out their lives. This book will inspire you to help make your place of worship all that God intends it to be.


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Tony Evans

Tony Evans is the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, and president of The Urban Alternative, a ministry devoted to bringing about change in urban communities through the Church. He is the author of many books, including Free at Last, The Battle is the Lord's, Our God Is Awesome, Returning to Your First Love, The Promise, Who is this King of Glory? What Matters Most, and The Best Is Yet To Come.- Publisher.

  • :<div>part One: The Nature Of The Church<br><br>1. The Importance Of The Church<br><br>2. The Purpose Of The Church<br><br>3. The Mission Of The Church<br><br>4. The Distinctives Of The Church<br><br>5. The Power Of The Church<p><br>part Two: The Ministry Of The Church<br><br>6. The Worship Of The Church<br><br>7. The Fellowship Of The Church<br><br>8. The Proclamation Of The Church<br><br>9. The Witness Of The Church<br><br>10. The Impact Of The Church<p><br>part Three: The Function Of The Church</b><br><br>11. The Leadership Of The Church<br><br>12. The Unity Of The Church<br><br>13. The Service Of The Church<br><br>14. The Accountability Of The Church<br><br>15. The Orientation Of The Church</p></div>

All of us are familiar with the story of Humpty Dumpty, the figure from the children's nursery rhyme whose world was shattered after he had a great fall. He called on the best his world had to offer to address his problem-"all the kings horses and all the king's men." But the tragedy of the story is that none of these human powers could put Humpty Dumpty's life and world back together again. Apparently Mr. Dumpty had no biblically functioning church available to help him, because if he had he would not have had to call on the king in the first place. Now its one thing when a nursery rhyme character cannot find the help he needs to repair his shattered world, even when his problem is being attended to by the highest authorities the culture has to offer. But it's another thing altogether when real people in the real world discover that all the king's horses and all the king's men-can't fix society's deepest problems and address the people's deepest needs. This is where the church comes in, because the church is the most important institution on earth. The church, and only the church, has been commissioned by the sovereign Lord to be His representative agency in history.