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Historical Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles

Paperback|Apr 1996
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151 pages/31 chapters

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151 pages/31 chapters

As a writer and scholar whose career spanned the latter part of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. Sir William Ramsay's keen insights into first-century culture and geography have always been valued by biblical scholars of succeeding generations. While some of Ramsay's more widely known works are available in reprint editions, his journal and periodical articles have largely been lost to the general Christian reader.^^Now for the first time in a book form, Ramsay's series of articles on the Pastoral Epistles are once again available. The original studies, which appeared in the Expositor in 1909-11, have been prepared for publication by Mark Wilson. The text has been edited for continuity and changes in terminology without altering the essential content of Ramsay's work.

(Revised and updated by Mark Wilson Ramsay's series of articles examines the background of the epistles and the significance of Paul's instruction to Timothy--his son in the faith.


William M Ramsay

Sir William M. Ramsay (1851-1939) served as the first professor of classical art and archaeology at Oxford University. At the turn of the century, he engaged in extensive exploration of the antiquities of Turkey and contributed to the study of classical archaeology, geography, and New Testament studies. He is the author of many books, including historical commentaries on Galatians, First Corinthians, and the Pastoral Epistles.

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