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In God We Trust

Hardback|Jul 1997
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50 Chapters^

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50 Chapters^

History comes alive in a fun way!Down through our nation's history, men and women have taken a stand for right. They came seeking religious freedom and found that their faith in God played a role in many life-changing decisions-in discovering new territories, in setting up new governments, in establishing what was fair and just for all. These are their stories. ...IN GOD WE TRUST presents factual information in a fun and lively way. Each narrative story highlights a person in history, focusing on how that person's faith in God played an important part in the development of America. Christopher Columbus, Father Marquette, Abigail Adams, Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, Hiram Revels, and many more, come alive through the colorful illustrations, delighting you and old alike.These men and women of differing backgrounds and nationalities, brought to our nation a collective heritage of faith in God that stands the test of time and allows us the freedom of religion today. Their stories will build your faith and strengthen your trust in God for the future of our nation.

Fifty inspiring stories of historical figures who, due to their faith in God, contributed to the founding and development of America.


Drew Rose (Illus)

Rose is an illustrator. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ranelda Hunsicker

Kathryn Lindskoog is a prolific writer, teacher, and literary critic. She is probably best known for her book "C. S. Lewis: Mere Christian," an examination of the work of Lewis, who wrote to her, "You know my work better than anyone else I've met: certainly better than I do myself." Among her twenty-one other books are "Creative Writing for People Who Can't Not Write" and the three-volume "Dante's Divine Comedy: Journey to Joy. "The mother of two grown children, she lives in California with her husband. ýRanelda Mack Hunsicker, a former elementary and high school teacher, is now a freelance

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