Look Back, Leap Forward

Paperback|Jun 2001
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192 Pages

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192 Pages

Amid rapid changes in the new millennium, a church growth specialist tells how to turn a church around, combining core values with a creative vision.


Gary L McIntosh

Gary L. McIntosh (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary; D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary) is professor of Christian ministry and leadership at Talbot School of Theology, he leads 20-25 national seminars a year, serves as a church consultant, was president of the American Society of Church Growth in 1995-1996, and has written numerous books, including Finding Them; The Issachar Factor: Three Generations: One Size Doesn't Fit All; Overcoming the Dark Side,; Staffing Your Church for Growth and most recently Taking your Church to the Next Level
Koorong -Editorial Review.