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Luke: The Gospel of Amazement (Biblical Imagination Series)

Paperback|Feb 2011
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His father and mother were amazed at what was being said about Him." Luke 2:33 "Everyone was amazed at all the things He was doing." Luke 9:43 "He went home, amazed at what had happened." Luke 24:12 ^^From start to...

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His father and mother were amazed at what was being said about Him." Luke 2:33 "Everyone was amazed at all the things He was doing." Luke 9:43 "He went home, amazed at what had happened." Luke 24:12
^^From start to finish, the book of Luke is filled with amazement. Throughout the life and ministry of Jesus, those who met him were astonished by their encounter, from the shepherds at the nativity to the disciples at the empty tomb.

^^With careful attention to detail, Michael Card embarks on an imaginative journey through the Gospel of Luke. He introduces us to Luke the historian and imagines his life as a Gentile, a doctor and a slave. Card explores Luke's compelling account of this dynamic rabbi who astounded his hearers with parables and paradoxes.

What might Luke have experienced as he interviewed eyewitnesses of Jesus? What leads Luke to focus on the marginalized and the unlikely? Why does Luke include certain details that the other Gospel writers omit? Join Michael Card in the work of opening heart and mind to the "Gospel of Amazement"^



Michael Card

Michael Card is an award-winning musician, performing artist and writer of "El Shaddai," "Immanuel" and many other songs. He has produced over 21 albums. He has also written numerous books, including A Fragile StoneThe Emotional Life of Simon Peter; Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and Creativity; A Violent Grace; The Parable of Joy and Sleep Sound in Jesus (a children's book).
A graduate of Western Kentucky University with a bachelor's and master's degrees in biblical studies, Card is currently at work on a Ph.D. in classical literature. He also serves as mentor to many younger artists and musicians, teaching courses on the creative process and calling the Christian recording industry into deeper discipleship. Card lives in Tennessee with his wife and four children.
-Editorial Review.

Luke : Gospel of Reassurance (Participants Guide) (Daylight Bible Study Series) Paperback
  • Preface: The Biblical Imagination
  • <strong>introduction: Who Is Luke?</strong>
  • Major Themes
  • <strong>luke 1</strong>
  • A Self-conscious Writer
  • Parallel Pre-birth Stories
  • Mary Sings
  • Zechariah Sings
  • <strong>luke 2</strong>
  • The King In A Cattle Trough
  • The Line Between Old And New
  • The Boy Who Would Be Messiah
  • <strong>luke 3</strong>
  • The Doleful Days Of Tiberius
  • The Voice Of A Slave In The Wilderness
  • The Baptism Of Jesus
  • The Genetics Of Jesus
  • <strong>luke 4</strong>
  • The Son In The Desert
  • Good News For The Poor
  • "be Muzzled"
  • The Reluctant Healer
  • <strong>luke 5</strong>
  • The First Miraculous Catch
  • A Practical Secret
  • The Healing Faith Of Friends
  • Paradoxical Unorthodoxy
  • Wedding Guests And New Wine
  • <strong>luke 6</strong>
  • Lord Over Orthodoxy
  • The Choice Of The Twelve
  • The Shape Of The New Community
  • The Impossible Command
  • How To Build Your House In The Kingdom
  • <strong>luke 7</strong>
  • How To Amaze Jesus
  • A Meeting Of The Crowds
  • A Most Remarkable Question
  • Moving From The Head To The Heart
  • <strong>luke 8</strong>
  • The Women
  • The Parable Of The Soils
  • A Demonic Storm
  • A Demonized Man
  • The Healing Of Two Daughters
  • <strong>luke 9</strong>
  • A First Foray
  • The Miracle Behind The Miracle
  • A Final Clarity: Who Jesus Is
  • Confirmation From The Father
  • The Impotence Of Unbelief
  • The Final Journey Begins
  • <strong>luke 10</strong>
  • The Sending Of The Seventy
  • The Joy Of Jesus
  • A Parable Of Unexpected Mercy
  • A Monumental Shift
  • <strong>luke 11</strong>
  • A Breath Of A Prayer
  • The Finger Of God
  • The Sign Of The Son Of Man
  • The Prophet At The Dinner Table
  • <strong>luke 12</strong>
  • What To Fear And What Not To Fear
  • I&#146;ll Say To Myself, "self . . ."
  • The Slaving Savior
  • Fire On The Earth
  • <strong>luke 13</strong>
  • A Commentary On The "job Equation"
  • The Unexpectedly Closed Door
  • Three Days Out
  • <strong>luke 14</strong>
  • A Not Unfriendly Dinner
  • The Heart Of The Master Of The Banquet
  • Faith Over Family
  • <strong>luke 15</strong>
  • The Shepherd With The Lost Sheep
  • The Woman With The Lost Coin
  • The Father With The Lost Son(s)
  • <strong>luke 16</strong>
  • The Parable Of The Desperate Manager
  • The Line Has Been Crossed
  • A Parable Of Radical Reversal
  • <strong>luke 17</strong>
  • Simple, Trusting Obedience
  • The Perfect Prayer
  • The Coming(s) Of The Kingdom
  • <strong>luke 18</strong>
  • Persistence And Justice
  • The Perfect Prayer, 2
  • One Broken Link
  • The Perfect Prayer, 3
  • <strong>luke 19</strong>
  • A Paradigm For A New Value System
  • A Blueprint For Centuries To Come
  • A Tearful Entry
  • The Second Temple Cleansing
  • <strong>luke 20</strong>
  • Six Trick Questions
  • 1 By Whose Authority?
  • 2 John&#146;s Baptism: From Heaven Or Humans?
  • 3 What Will The Owner Do?
  • 4 Pay Taxes Or Not?
  • 5 Whose Wife Will She Be?
  • 6 How Can Christ Be David&#146;s Son?
  • <strong>luke 21</strong>
  • A Widow Offers Her Life
  • Two Questions, Two Answers
  • A Lesson From The Leaves
  • <strong>luke 22</strong>
  • For The Price Of A Slave
  • The Servant Savior
  • The Sifting Of Simon
  • An Unsuccessful Angel
  • The Traitor&#146;s Kiss
  • The Gaze
  • The Early-morning Hearing
  • <strong>luke 23</strong>
  • The Innocence Of Jesus: Pilate
  • The Innocence Of Jesus: Herod
  • Barabbas!
  • The God-forsaken God
  • The Death Of Jesus
  • The Witnesses
  • <strong>luke 24</strong>
  • No Expectations
  • Recognized By The Broken Bread
  • The Persistence Of Doubt
  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Resources
  • About The Author

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