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Maui Mystery (#08 in Abby And The South Seas Adventures Series)

Paperback|Apr 2002
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22 Chapters

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22 Chapters

A palm tree writhed wildly. Whipping like a gigantic torch against a small building." "That's Pastor Achilles' church!" Abby screamed. A desperate cry for help and a blazing building draw Abby and her best friend, Luke, into a dangerous mystery the minute they return to Maui. Was the fire set on purpose? And if so, will Abby be able to find that arsonist before he strikes again? Why would someone want to harm the kind pastor? And who keeps threatening Abby's life as she searches for clues? As Abby and Luke are thrust into this cliff-hanging adventure, they learn that they can prevail over evil by loving their enemies and that even the darkest heart can be changed by God's grace and forgiveness.

Abby: South Seas Adventures is a fun, new series that is a surefire hit for 8- to 12-year-old girls. Lots of excitement will keep kids coming back for each new Abby title. In books 7 & 8, Abby, her family, and her best friend Luke have many adventures. Pearl diving, shark and eel attacks, a flight in a balloon, and a mysterious fire are sure to delight readers. Through it all Abby learns that God is faithful, he always keeps his promises, and is always watching over her. ^In #8 "Maui Mystery," Abby and Luke must unravel the mystery behind the church arson on the island of Maui.


Pamela Walls

Walls is a freelance journalist. Married w/2 children.

Bestsellers in Confident Readers (Age 8-12)