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New World, Old Faith (Cd-Audio) (York Courses Series)

CD|Dec 2002
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A 5-session ecumenical COURSE for discussion groups - IDEAL FOR LENT or any time of year New World, Old Faith looks at how Christian faith continues to shed light on a whole series of issues in our changing world,...

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A 5-session ecumenical COURSE for discussion groups - IDEAL FOR LENT or any time of year

New World, Old Faith looks at how Christian faith continues to shed light on a whole series of issues in our changing world, including change itself. An essential course for making sense of faith in the world today.

5 sessions:
1. Brave New World?
2. Environment and Ethics
3. Church and Family in Crisis
4. One World - Many Faiths
5. Spirituality and Superstition

The course audio contains five 14-minute radio-style starters for group discussion, with Simon Stanley putting questions to our four main participants: Archbishop Rowan Williams, Joel Edwards, Dr Pauline Webb and the Revd Dr John Polkinghorne. David Coffey provides the thoughtful Closing Reflection at the end of each session. Archbishop David Hope introduces the course.



John Young

John Young is an ordained Anglican minister who has worked in parishes, schools and higher education. He has written over 30 books/booklets and around half a million copies of these have been sold. His work has been translated into several languages, including Chinese and Russian. John worked for two Archbishops of York, was for many years a member of the General Synod, and is a Canon Emeritus of York Minster. He has preached in some of Britain's great cathedrals, including St Paul's and York Minster, and his sermons appeared regularly in The Times' annual Book of Best Sermons. He is also a broadcaster and co-founder of York Courses (www.yorkcourses.co.uk).

Rowan Williams (Ed)

Rowan Williams was enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury in February 2003. His previous positions include Archbishop of Wales, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Oxford and Dean of Clare College, Cambridge. He has taught theology for more than fifteen years in five continents, worked as a parish priest, and published widely. His previous publications include "Teresa of Avila" (1991), "Open to Judgment" (1994) and "Sergi Bulgakov" (1999).

John C Polkinghorne (Ed)

John C. Polkinghorne (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is an Anglican priest, past president of Queens' College, Cambridge University, and former professor of mathematical physics at Cambridge. Polkinghorne resigned his chair in physics to study for the Anglican priesthood. After completing his theological studies and serving at parishes, he returned to Cambridge. In 1997, Dr. Polkinghorne was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for distinguished service to science, religion, learning, and medical ethics. He was the recipient of the 2002 Templeton Prize for One Million $US
He lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom and is the author of 32 books, translated into 18 languages; 26 concern science and religion, often for a popular audience.

The Way the World is : The Christian Perspective of a Scientist (1984 - revised 1992); Science and Creation (SPCK/New Science Library, 1989; Templeton Foundation Press, 2006); Science and Providence (SPCK/New Science Library, 1989; Templeton Foundation Press, 2006); Reason and Reality: Relationship Between Science and Theology (SPCK/Trinity Press International 1991); Exploring Reality: The Intertwining of Science & Religion (SPCK 2005); From Physicist to Priest, an Autobiography (SPCK 2007)
Koorong -Editorial Review.

Joel Edwards

Joel Edwards is the General Director of the Evangelical Alliance. This was an historic appointment in 1997 as he became the first black General Director in the Alliance's 150-year history. He previously served as the General Secretary of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance. Joel is also an honorary Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, and has served on the Executive of the New Testament Church of God. Joel and his wife currently worship at their local Assemblies of God church.

David Hope

David Hope is Archbishop of York and Primate of the Northern Province of the Church of England.

David Coffey

David Coffey has been an ordained Baptist Minister with the Baptist Union of Great Britain since 1967. A graduate of Spurgeon's College, London, he served as Pastor of three English churches: Whetstone, Leicester; North Cheam, Sutton; and Upton Vale, Torquay.
He was President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain 1986-87 and in the same period published a book Build That Bridge which is a study in conflict and reconciliation in church life. He served for three years as National Director of Evangelism for the Baptists (1988-91) prior to being appointed as the General Secretary of the Union in 1991. After fifteen years he retired from this ministry in July 2006.

David served as President of the European Baptist Federation (1997–99) and at the Baptist World Congress in July 2005 he was elected as BWA President from 2005 – 2010.

In 2003 he was elected until 2007 as the Moderator of the Free Churches Group to represent the nineteen Free Church denominations in England. In this capacity he also serves as one of the four Presidents of Churches Together in England alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and a representative of the Orthodox churches.

He has a strong commitment to preaching and bible teaching and has published a commentary on Romans in The Crossway Bible Guide series and All One In Christ Jesus: A Passionate Appeal For Evangelical Unity (Authentic)

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