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No Man Left Behind

eBook|Sep 2008
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David Murrow's book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, has heightened awareness of an epidemic--Patrick Morley offers the solution. No Man Left Behind is the blueprint for growing a thriving men's ministry that has the power to rebuild...

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David Murrow's book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, has heightened awareness of an epidemic--Patrick Morley offers the solution. No Man Left Behind is the blueprint for growing a thriving men's ministry that has the power to rebuild the church as we know it, pulling men off the couch and into active involvement as part of the body of Christ.

^pancakes, a prayer, and-poof!-a men's ministry. Right?

A spiritual ^reformation of society starts with a spiritual reformation of men. But making disciples-men ^who are walking with Christ, living like Christ, and working for Christ-is hard.

If ^you've been struggling to get traction with men, No Man Left Behind can ^revolutionize your efforts. Drawing upon thirty years of research and work with ^more than 2,500 churches, the authors offer a proven strategy that will help you ^disciple every man in your church. Find out how to:

   * Shift your ^paradigm from a men's ministry to a ministry to all your men.
   * ^Identify the unwritten "man code" that your church conveys to every guy who walks ^in the door.
   * Ensure long-term success by recruiting allies who ^will work with you to make disciples.
   * Develop a concrete, seamless ^process to help men who don't know Christ become passionate disciples.

You ^can reach men.
You can get them to grow closer to Christ.
They can help you ^change the world.
This book will show you how.

Many, if not most, of our cultural problems-divorce, abortion, juvenile ^crime, fatherlessness-can be traced back to the failure of a man. Ironically, it's ^a man who got up in the morning hoping to succeed.

When you help men develop ^their roots, you'll find more and more men move beyond being involved in your ministry ^for what they can get. You'll have men who want to help other men experience what ^God has done for them.

There are no "Five Easy Steps to an Effective Men's ^Ministry." There aren't even five hard steps. It just doesn't work that way. We ^explain "why" and "how" to disciple men, but we don't specify exactly what you should ^do. Instead, we will help you plan your own concrete next steps according to the ^culture and needs of your church.

This is our life's work. Helping church ^leaders disciple men is what we do. We have the privilege of waking up every day ^focused on how to disciple men in the church-your church. We will be honored if ^God uses this book to make your efforts more effective and your path a little easier.

-From ^No Man Left Behind

This is a foundational book for men-s ministry in the context
of the ^local church. The honesty and veracity with which these
three men map out a ^successful men-s ministry is very encouraging.
Its theme is -building faithful ^men- and it targets leaders of
men-s ministry who can then reach the men of ^their congregations
and neighborhoods for Christ in a very practical and meaningful
^ way.

David Murrow's book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, has heightened ^awareness of an epidemic--Patrick Morley offers the solution.  No Man Left ^Behind is the blueprint for growing a thriving men's ministry that has the ^power to rebuild the church as we know it, pulling men off the couch and into active ^involvement as part of the body of Christ.

PATRICK MORLEY founded Man in the Mirror in 1991 and has since impacted ^the lives of more than 10,000,000 men worldwide. Since 1986, he has taught a weekly ^Friday morning Bible study to 150 businessmen in Orlando, Florida. This study is ^broadcast on iTunes and webcast around the world. Pat also speaks to men daily ^through the Man in the Mirror radio program. He has written 16 books, including ^The Marriage Prayer, A Man's Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines and Pastoring ^Men. Pat lives in Winter Park, Florida with his wife, Patsy. They have two ^grown children and two granddaughters.

DAVID DELK (B.S. Furman University; ^M.Div. Reformed Theological Seminary) is President of Man in the Mirror. Before ^joining Man in the Mirror, David was a Senior Consultant with Energy Management ^Associates, where he developed software and managed consulting projects with large ^public utilities. He is author of Twists of Fate and co-author of five books, ^including The Marriage Prayer, No Man Left Behind, and The Dad in the ^Mirror. He has also published articles in numerous magazines and has been the ^featured speaker for churches and men's groups across America. He lives in Orlando, ^Florida, with his wife, Ruthie, and three children.

BRETT CLEMMER ^(B.S. Tufts University) is Vice President of Man in the Mirror. He acts as emcee ^and has served as a special speaker for the Friday morning Man in the Mirror Bible ^Study. He is the co-author of No Man Left Behind. Brett and his wife, Kimberly, ^live in Casselberry, Florida and have two children.


Acknowledgments  / 9
Introduction: ^A Passion for No Man Left Behind  / 11
     1. Men's ^Ministry Is Rocket Science  / 15

Part One: The Promise of Men's ^Ministry
     2. No Man Falls on Purpose  / ^31
     3. What Is a Disciple?  / 41
     ^4. How Do Men Change?  Helping Men Experience
         ^Heart Transformation  / 51

Part Two: The Foundations of Your ^Men's Ministry
     5. The Portal Priority and the ^Man Code  / 67
     6. The Three Strands of Leadership  ^/ 81
     7. An All-Inclusive Ministry to Men  / 95

Part ^Three: Planning and Executing Your Ministry to Men
     ^8. Vision: A Compelling Reason for Men to Get Involved  / 113
     ^9. Create Momentum by Providing Value  / 127
   10. Capture Momentum ^with the Right Next Step  / 145
   11. Sustain Momentum through ^Relationships  / 161
   12. Build Your Plan: How to Implement ^the Model in Your Church  / 179

Epilogue: Raising Up Fourth Seed Leaders  ^/ 197
The Big Ideas  / 201
Notes  / 203

Appendix A: Twenty-five ^Ways to Connect with Your Pastor  / 205
Appendix B: Sample Vision Statements  ^/ 207
Appendix C: Creating Momentum for the Five Types of Men  / 209
Appendix ^D: Man in the Mirror Bible Study Table Leader's Job Description  / 211

Suggested ^Readings  / 215

Want to see the men in your church come alive?  Read this book.
-David ^Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church

Get this book, read it, ^know it, practice it - it works.
-Larry Malone, Director, United Methodist ^Men's Ministries, General Commission on United Methodist Men

This is my ^32nd year of ministry to men around the world and this is the most comprehensive ^and effective material I have found.
-Leonard Albert, Director, LifeBuilders ^Men's Ministry, Church of God

Our church has embraced a theme of ministry ^to and through men that is best captured by the title of this book...No Man ^Left Behind. 
-Danny Singleton, Men's Ministry Leader, First Baptist Church, ^Woodstock, Georgia

The lack of effective blueprints for ministry to men ^in the local church has been a major problem for a long time.  Good news-we ^now have one.  No Man Left Behind is a must read for all pastors and ^men's ministry leaders.
-Vince D'Acchioli, Founder, On Target Ministries

This ^is the one book every pastor and church leader should read and then encourage their ^men to read and live, and we would see a mighty movement of God result!
-Phil ^Downer, President, Discipleship Network of America

Man In The Mirror ^jump-started our Men's Ministry in 2004 by providing a firm foundation through their ^Leadership Training Center and ongoing education and insight to build our ministry ^to men.  Their training is the best investment our church has made: men ^are excited about coming to church and so are their women!
-W. Mark Shirley, ^Men's Ministry Director, The MET (Metropolitan Baptist Church), Houston, TX

The ^vision for men's ministry is not to have a men's group in every congregation!  ^Morley, Delk, and Clemmer have nailed it--the vision is for every man ^to have a living, growing relationship with Jesus Christ; for every man to be a ^disciple!  This book will give you tools to help make disciples of the men ^in your congregation and beyond.
-Doug Haugen, Director, Lutheran Men in ^Mission, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Two problems plague the ^church today: biblical illiteracy and lack of male involvement.  No Man ^Left Behind helps solve the second problem by providing a paradigm for ^churches to develop mature disciples for Christ.  Best of all the work ^is clear, readable, practical, and highly recommended.  No Man Left Behind ^is a men's book for men.
-Paul A. Tambrino, EdD, PhD, Director, Adult ^and Theological Education, First Presbyterian Church of Maitland

In 2003, ^a friend from my church and I attended the Building a Sustainable Men's Ministry ^training in Orlando.  It was an "AHA" moment for both of us!  Pat, David, ^and Brett share concepts in this book that are "battle-tested."  Apply them ^to your life and ministry with men.  Believe me--they work!
-Brian ^Shuler, Men's Ministry Pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Our association ^with Man in the Mirror has transformed our men's ministry...It's no longer business ^as usual.  Our motto is: "Every man a leader, every man an influence for Christ, ^and every man needs a lift!"  We may want to add a line: "And no man left behind!"
-The ^Reverend Dr. H. William Green, Associate pastor of First United Methodist Church ^in Cary, N.C., Recipient of the Ross Freeman Leadership Award in Men's Ministry ^(N.C. Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church)

At last!...A ^book that doesn't promise an irresistible men's ministry in five easy steps.  ^It's hard work and someone--you--gets to do it.  Revealing what they've learned ^from helping thousands of churches, Pat, David, and Brett offer an approach that ^will help you develop a unique--not cookie cutter--disciple-making ministry for ^men.
-Leary Gates, BoldPath Life Strategies

I had a chance to ^attend the Leadership Training Center at Man In The Mirror.  I love the concept ^of building an all-inclusive ministry to men.  If you want to start a ministry ^to men, start where they are.  No Man Left Behind is a must read.
-Rex ^Tignor, People Matter Ministries

I brought my pastor and several other ^men to the LTC training classes.  We gained tremendous insight into building ^a sustainable Men's Ministry at East Cooper Baptist Church here in Mt. Pleasant, ^SC.  When we returned, we recruited a group of men and explained the system.  ^We were so excited about what we saw at Pat's Bible study that we copied it.  ^It has been a huge hit with our men.  The ECBC "Man 2 Man" Bible study is regularly ^attended by over 90 men each week.  The fruit of this effort has been wonderful.  ^To God be the glory!
-Randy Bates, Director, Wood Partners

Men's ^ministry in our church is no longer defined as those who come to our men's events.  ^Rather, men's ministry is defined by how we are able to disciple a man where he ^is at.  No Man Left Behind is thankfully not another book giving seven steps ^that will ultimately lead to frustration, aggravation, and despair.  Instead, ^if you will learn to walk with Christ and show others how to walk with Him as well.
-Malcolm ^H. Light III, Pastor to Adults, Grace Community Evangelical Free Church

No ^Man Left Behind provides a proven template for building an effective ministry ^to men.  It is a valuable guide for moving from burned pancakes to disciplemaking.
-Len ^Ruffner, National Director, Christian & Missionary Alliance Men's Ministry

Many ^of us Montana share the vision of using Man in the Mirror to bring a credible message ^of Jesus to all the men in our state.  Discipleship is not easy.  Jesus ^never said it would be.  No Man Left Behind provides us with many ^needed tools to work with.  It is exactly what we need.
-Harrison Fagg, ^Montana Man in the Mirror

As the men of the church go, so goes the church.  ^Most Christian denominations in America and Europe are in a serious decline.  ^Men are absent and too many of those in the pews are sadly living as cultural Christians.  ^No Man Left Behind holds the promise of being one of the seminal books of our ^time for the renewal and revival of Christian men, and for the Kingdom.
-David ^R. Reed, Member, Board of Directors, United Methodist Men's Foundation


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Patrick M Morley

Patrick Morley is the author of bestselling The Man in the Mirror. It was selected as one of the 100 Christian books that changed the twentieth century. After building one of Floridas 100 largest privately held companies, he founded Man in the Mirror in 1991, a nonprofit organization to help men find meaning and purpose in life. Patrick also trains leaders in the marketplace ( He is the author of 14 books including Walking with Christ in the Details of Life, The Rest of Your Life, and Two-Part Harmony

David Delk

David Delk is president of Man in the Mirror. He is the author of Twists of Fate and speaks at churches and men's groups across America. In 2000, David was named Emerging Young Leader of the Year by the National Coalition of Men's Ministries. He lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife and three children. SPANISH BIO: David Delk es presidente de El hombre frente al espejo. Delk es autor del libro Twists of Fate y habla en iglesias y en grupos de hombres por todos los Estados Unidos. En el ano 2000, David fue nombrado 'Lider Joven Emergente del Ano', por la Coalicion Nacional de Ministerios de

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