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Pastor Paul (Theological Explorations For the Church Catholic) (Theological Explorations For The Church Catholic Series)

eBook|Sep 2019
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Being a pastor is a complicated calling. Pastors are often pulled in multiple directions and must "become all things to all people" (1 Cor. 9:22). What does the New Testament say (or not say) about the pastoral calling? And what...

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Being a pastor is a complicated calling. Pastors are often pulled in multiple directions and must "become all things to all people" (1 Cor. 9:22). What does the New Testament say (or not say) about the pastoral calling? And what can we learn about it from the apostle Paul?

According to popular New Testament scholar Scot McKnight, pastoring must begin first and foremost with spiritual formation, which plays a vital role in the life and ministry of the pastor. As leaders, pastors both create and nurture culture in a church. The biblical vision for that culture is Christoformity, or Christlikeness. Grounding pastoral ministry in the pastoral praxis of the apostle Paul, McKnight shows that nurturing Christoformity was at the heart of the Pauline mission. The pastor's central calling, then, is to mediate Christ in everything. McKnight explores seven dimensions that illustrate this concept--friendship, siblings, generosity, storytelling, witness, subverting the world, and wisdom--as he calls pastors to be conformed to Christ and to nurture a culture of Christoformity in their churches.


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Scot Mcknight

Scot McKnight (Ph.D., University of Nottingham) is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University. Prior to joining the NPU faculty in 1994, he was a professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has written widely on the historical Jesus, Christian spirituality, and the Emerging Church. One of McKnight's more popular books, The Jesus Creed, won the Christianity Today's book award for 2004 in the area of Christian living. McKnight's blog,, has been a popular site for Emerging Church discussion.
His other publications include: The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus; Praying with the Church: Following Jesus Daily, Hourly, Today; Jesus and His Death: Historiography, the Historical Jesus, and Atonement Theory; Embracing Grace: A Gospel for All of Us; Turning to Jesus: The Sociology of Conversion in the Gospels; The Story of the Christ, with Philip Law; and 1 Peter and Galatians in NIV Application Commentary.

His most recent publications include The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible and James (New International Commentary on the New Testament).

  • Being A Pastor Is A Complicated Calling. Pastors Are Often Pulled In Multiple Directions And Must "become All Things To All People" (1 Cor. 9:22). What Does The New Testament Say (or Not Say) About The Pastoral Calling? And What Can We Learn About It From The Apostle Paul?<br> <br> According To Popular New Testament Scholar Scot Mcknight, Pastoring Must Begin First And Foremost With Spiritual Formation, Which Plays A Vital Role In The Life And Ministry Of The Pastor. As Leaders, Pastors Both Create And Nurture Culture In A Church. The Biblical Vision For That Culture Is Christoformity, Or Christlikeness. Grounding Pastoral Ministry In The Pastoral Praxis Of The Apostle Paul, Mcknight Shows That Nurturing Christoformity Was At The Heart Of The Pauline Mission. The Pastor's Central Calling, Then, Is To Mediate Christ In Everything. Mcknight Explores Seven Dimensions That Illustrate This Concept--friendship, Siblings, Generosity, Storytelling, Witness, Subverting The World, And Wisdom--as He Calls Pastors To Be Conformed To Christ And To Nurture A Culture Of Christoformity In Their Churches.

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