Peoples of the Old Testament World

eBook|Aug 1998
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Peoples of the Old Testament World

Edwin M Yamauchi (Ed)

Edwin Maseo Yamauchi (born 1937, Hilo, Hawaii) is a Japanese American historian, Christian apologist, editor and academic. He is Professor Emeritus of History at Miami University.

Gerald L Mattingly (Ed)

Alfred J. Hoerth recently retired as the director of archaeology at Wheaton College, where he taught for almost thirty years. Gerald L. Mattingly is professor of Bible at Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee. Edwin M. Yamauchi is professor of history at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Alfred J Hoerth (Ed)

Alfred J. Hoerth taught archaeology at Wheaton College for almost thirty years, and has participated in numerous archaeological digs. He served as a co-editor for People's of the Old Testament World and has authored Bible Archaeology: An Exploration of the History and Culture of Early Civilizations and Archaeology and the Old Testament

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