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Planting a Church Without Losing Your Soul

eBook|Dec 2020
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What does it take to be a church planter or other ministry entrepreneur? Most leaders start out with passion, a sense of calling, and a focus on building ministry skills. Such things might get some results, but they are not...

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What does it take to be a church planter or other ministry entrepreneur? Most leaders start out with passion, a sense of calling, and a focus on building ministry skills. Such things might get some results, but they are not enough to sustain a healthy ministry-or a healthy life. Beyond the vocational capacities every church planter needs, there's a range of capabilities more difficult to measure but even more essential: what veteran church planter Tim Morey calls spiritual competencies. Morey provides here a practical guide to spiritual formation geared to the unique needs of church planters. He helps readers answer the questions, What are the spiritual capabilities that I as a church planter need to develop? How might I lean into the work Jesus is doing in these vital areas? Spiritual competencies have to do not just with behaviors but also with the motivations, agendas, and scripts that drive behaviors. Morey explores how church planters can become people who invest in their own physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health accept limits and share responsibilities can be trusted with power are able to stay resilient and grow through difficulties can minister without being noticed find a sustainable pace that helps them avoid burnout The health of a church or any ministry organization is directly linked to the health of its leaders. Church planters may be used to improvising, but when it comes to their spiritual lives, they can't afford to just wing it. Featuring real-life stories from leaders, suggested practices, and discussion questions in each chapter, this book will equip individuals and teams (and those who coach them) to commit to an intentional plan for spiritual formation-for the good of their churches, their relationships, and their own lives as disciples of Jesus.

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Tim Morey

Tim Morey (D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary) is founding and lead pastor at Life Covenant Church in Torrance, CA where he is involved with preaching, teaching, administering the sacraments, developing vision and leaders and counseling. He also serves on the Evangelical Covenant Church's national church planting team and as adjunct professor teaching practical theology at Talbot School of Theology

  • What Does It Take To Be A Church Planter Or Other Ministry Entrepreneur? Most Leaders Start Out With Passion, A Sense Of Calling, And A Focus On Building Ministry Skills. Such Things Might Get Some Results, But They Are Not Enough To Sustain A Healthy Ministry-or A Healthy Life. Beyond The Vocational Capacities Every Church Planter Needs, There's A Range Of Capabilities More Difficult To Measure But Even More Essential: What Veteran Church Planter Tim Morey Calls Spiritual Competencies. Morey Provides Here A Practical Guide To Spiritual Formation Geared To The Unique Needs Of Church Planters. He Helps Readers Answer The Questions, What Are The Spiritual Capabilities That I As A Church Planter Need To Develop? How Might I Lean Into The Work Jesus Is Doing In These Vital Areas? Spiritual Competencies Have To Do Not Just With Behaviors But Also With The Motivations, Agendas, And Scripts That Drive Behaviors. Morey Explores How Church Planters Can Become People Who <ul> <li>invest In Their Own Physical, Emotional, Relational, And Spiritual Health</li> <li>accept Limits And Share Responsibilities</li> <li>can Be Trusted With Power</li> <li>are Able To Stay Resilient And Grow Through Difficulties</li> <li>can Minister Without Being Noticed</li> <li>find A Sustainable Pace That Helps Them Avoid Burnout</li> </ul> The Health Of A Church Or Any Ministry Organization Is Directly Linked To The Health Of Its Leaders. Church Planters May Be Used To Improvising, But When It Comes To Their Spiritual Lives, They Can't Afford To Just Wing It. Featuring Real-life Stories From Leaders, Suggested Practices, And Discussion Questions In Each Chapter, This Book Will Equip Individuals And Teams (and Those Who Coach Them) To Commit To An Intentional Plan For Spiritual Formation-for The Good Of Their Churches, Their Relationships, And Their Own Lives As Disciples Of Jesus.
  • Introduction: What Does A Spiritually Formed Church Planter Look Like?
  • 1. How To Be Both A Pastor And A Person
  • 2. Growth: How Can I Plan For My Own Spiritual Formation?
  • 3. Suffering: Can I Embrace A Life Peppered With Difficulty?
  • 4. Power: Do Others Experience Me As A Safe Person?
  • 5. Obscurity: Can I Minister Without Being Noticed?
  • 6. Failure: Am I Resilient In The Face Of Setbacks And Defeats?
  • 7. Pace: Am I Treating Church Planting Like A Marathon Or Like A Sprint?
  • 8. Team: Have I Relinquished My Ambition To Be A Superhero?
  • 9. Conflict: Do I Handle Difficult People Graciously?
  • 10. Family: Am I Leading In A Way That Brings Life To Those Dearest To Me?
  • Conclusion
  • Notes

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