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Psalms 42-89 (Volume 2) (Baker Commentary On The Old Testament Wisdom And Psalms Series)

Hardback|Nov 2007
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In the second volume of his three-volume commentary on the book of Psalms, Old Testament scholar John Goldingay provides fresh commentary on Psalms 42-89. He considers the literary, historical, and grammatical dimensions of the text as well as its theological...

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In the second volume of his three-volume commentary on the book of Psalms, Old Testament scholar John Goldingay provides fresh commentary on Psalms 42-89. He considers the literary, historical, and grammatical dimensions of the text as well as its theological implications.

The Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms series is tailored to the distinctives of poetry and Wisdom literature. Features include Emphasis on the message of the biblical book Special attention to poetic structure and literary devices Incisive comments based on the author's translation of the Hebrew text Exegetical rigor, incorporating linguistic, historical, and canonical insights Closing reflections on each section that explore the text's theological dimensions Textual notes highlighting important features of the Hebrew text This is the fourth volume in the series. Additional volumes planned for the series are Job by Tremper Longman III and Ecclesiastes by Craig G. Bartholomew.

This is the second of a three-volume commentary on the Psalms, combining literary, historical, grammatical, and theological insight in a widely accessible manner. One of today??'s foremost experts on biblical theology, John Goldingay covers Psalms 42???89 with his own translation of each passage, followed by interpretive comments and theological implications. ???The book of Psalms is the literary sanctuary; a holy place where humans share their joys and struggles with brutal honesty in God??'s presence, ??? writes Tremper Longman III, editor of the Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms series. Pastors, seminary students, scholars, and Bible study leaders will enjoy this accessible and enriching volume. This is the fourth volume in the series.

Praise for vol. 1:"One of our premier interpreters, John Goldingay, offers here a comprehensive treatment of the Psalms. Rarely does one find such a combination of close attention to grammatical and syntactical features joined with literary sensitivity, and all of it aimed at theological appropriation of the Psalms. Don't be surprised to find Anne Lamott alongside Luther, Calvin, Aquinas, and Isaac Watts. A basic resource for studying the Psalms."--Patrick D. Miller, professor of Old Testament theology emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary"John Goldingay has come to this commentary on Psalms 1-41 after extensive work in other areas of biblical study. He has written a major commentary that incorporates solid, mainline scholarship, and it belongs with leading commentaries on the Psalter. His readers will find him to be a competent, mature, and careful guide in interpreting the Psalms. I recommend his work, and I look forward to further commentary from him."--Marvin E. Tate, senior professor of Old Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary"This is a fine commentary on the first part of the book of Psalms, combining excellent scholarship and deep, practical spiritual reflection. Readers will find it to be an invaluable resource for their own life journeys, not least in the constructive challenge it presents to some modern Christian understandings of biblical spirituality."--Iain Provan, Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies, Regent College"Once again, John Goldingay has given us exemplary scholarship that will serve both church and academy very well indeed. The commentary is filled with mature theological insights, fresh ideas, and thoughtful reflections for contemporary appropriation. The clear and imaginative introduction alone is worth the price of the book."--Terence E. Fretheim, Elva B. Lovell Professor of Old Testament, Luther Seminary"Pastors will benefit from Goldingay's lucid discussion of interpretive issues, which is always informed by the faith of the church. Scholars will be well served by the insightful textual notes and extensive bibliography. In sum, this volume is a welcome resource for the study of the Psalms from which many different readers may glean."--Jerome F. D. Creach, Robert C. Holland Professor of Old Testament, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary


John Goldingay

John Goldingay (Ph.D., University of Nottingham) is David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. His books include Models for Scripture; Models for Interpretation of Scripture; Walk On; and commentaries on Psalms (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms - 3 volumes); Isaiah (New International Bible Commentary); Daniel (Word Biblical Commentary); The Message of Isaiah 40-55: A Literary-Theological Commentary; and with David Payne, Isaiah 40-66 (International Critical Commentary - 2 volumes), and the recently completed Old Testament Theology(three volumes from InterVarsity Press). His major project is now to complete the series Old Testament for Everyone Bible commentary series
Koorong - Editorial Review.

  • Series Preface<br>author's Preface<br>abbreviations<br>psalms 42-43: Coping With Separation From God's Presence<br>psalm 44: Coping With Defeat<br>psalm 45: The True King And True Queen<br>psalm 46: Trust And Stop<br>psalm 47: God Has Begun To Reign<br>psalm 48: God Made Known In The City Of God<br>psalm 49: Can Death Be Escaped?<br>psalm 50: Worship And Life<br>psalm 51: Sin, Cleansing, Renewal<br>psalm 52: Divine And Human Commitment<br>psalm 53: Is God There?<br>psalm 54: The Name That Rescues<br>psalm 55: How To Throw Things At Yhwh<br>psalm 56: Fear Of Humanity, Trust In God<br>psalm 57: Simultaneously Expecting And Possessing<br>psalm 58: The Gods Must And Will Fulfill Their Responsibility<br>psalm 59: How To Pray In Terror<br>psalm 60: How To Claim God's Past Word<br>psalm 61: How Prayer Suspends The Distantness<br>psalm 62: The Heart Of Old Testament Theology<br>psalm 63: A Threefold Dynamic For Life<br>psalm 64: The Power Of Language And The Power Of Recollection<br>psalm 65: Politics And Harvest, Israel And The World<br>psalm 66: Praise And Thanksgiving, Community And Individual, Israel And The World<br>psalm 67: Blessed For The Sake Of The World<br>psalm 68: God Then And Now<br>psalm 69: When People Mock Zeal For Yhwh's House<br>psalm 70: A Plea For Haste<br>psalm 71: The God Of Past, Present, And Future<br>psalm 72: A Vision For Government<br>psalm 72:18-20: Coda To Book Ii: Yes, Yes!<br>psalm 73: Yes, God Will Restore Me<br>psalm 74: What Is Permanent?<br>psalm 75: In Your Way And In Your Time<br>psalm 76: Revere Or Fear<br>psalm 77: The Pain And The Hope Of Recollection<br>psalm 78: The Story That Needs Passing On<br>psalm 79: When Nations Attack Us And Scorn God<br>psalm 80: Praying For Joseph<br>psalm 81: Do Listen!<br>psalm 82: God Must Accept Responsibility<br>psalm 83: Confrontation, Shame, Death, Acknowledgment<br>psalm 84: The Double Good Fortune Of The Trusting Person<br>psalm 85: God Speaks Of Shalom<br>psalm 86: A Servant's Claim On His Master<br>psalm 87: The Nations As Citizens Of Zion<br>psalm 88: Abba, Father<br>psalm 89: Facing Two Sets Of Facts (again)<br>psalm 89:52:&#9;coda To Book Iii<br>glossary<br>bibliography<br>subject Index<br>author Index<br>index Of Scripture And Other Ancient Writings

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