Representing Christ

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The priesthood of all believers is a core Protestant belief. But what does it actually mean?Uche Anizor and Hank Voss set the record straight in this concise treatment of a doctrine that lies at the center of church life and...

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The priesthood of all believers is a core Protestant belief. But what does it actually mean?Uche Anizor and Hank Voss set the record straight in this concise treatment of a doctrine that lies at the center of church life and Christian spirituality. The authors look at the priesthood of all believers in terms of the biblical witness, the contribution of Martin Luther and the doctrine of the Trinity. They place this concept in the context of the canonical description of Israel and the church as a royal priesthood that responds to God in witness and service to the world.Representing Christ is much more than a piece of Reformation history. It shows that the priesthood of all believers is interwoven with the practical, spiritual and missional life of the church.

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Hank Voss

Hank Voss (PhD, Wheaton College) is national church planting director at World Impact and senior national staff with The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI). Voss previously worked with TUMI of Los Angeles in a variety of roles including advisory board member, professor and dean. His ministry experience includes serving on four church plant teams, two cross-culturally. Voss is married to fellow World Impact missionary Johanna and they have four children.

Uche Anizor

Uche Anizor (PhD, Wheaton College) is associate professor of biblical and theological studies at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. He is the author of Kings and Priests: Scripture's Theological Account of Its Readers and a contributor for Aspects of Reforming: Theology and Practice in Sixteenth Century Europe. Uche is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Karl Barth Society of North America, and his interests include theological method, the theological interpretation of Scripture and the theology of Colin Gunton. He and his wife Melissa live in La Mirada, California.

  • The Priesthood Of All Believers Is A Core Protestant Belief. But What Does It Actually Mean?uche Anizor And Hank Voss Set The Record Straight In This Concise Treatment Of A Doctrine That Lies At The Center Of Church Life And Christian Spirituality. The Authors Look At The Priesthood Of All Believers In Terms Of The Biblical Witness, The Contribution Of Martin Luther And The Doctrine Of The Trinity. They Place This Concept In The Context Of The Canonical Description Of Israel And The Church As A Royal Priesthood That Responds To God In Witness And Service To The World.<em>representing Christ</em> Is Much More Than A Piece Of Reformation History. It Shows That The Priesthood Of All Believers Is Interwoven With The Practical, Spiritual And Missional Life Of The Church.
  • <strong>1. Exalted Clergy Or Egalitarian Priests?</strong>
  • Potential Priesthood Problemsa Common Priesthood?a Theological Vision For The Doctrinea Brief Note On Authorship
  • <strong>2. A Royal Priesthood: Scripture&#x92;s Story</strong>
  • Royal Priesthood In The Garden Sanctuary: Adam The Priest-kingthe Founding Of A Priestly People: Exodusroyal Priesthood Rooted In David&#x92;s Son: Psalm 110restoration Through The Priestly Servant: Isaiah 52-66the Great High Priest: Christ&#x92;s Eschatological Priesthoodthe Royal Priesthood Of The Church: 1 Peter 2the Service Of The Gospel: Paul&#x92;s Letterspriesthood And New Covenant Worship: Hebrewsa Suffering And Victorious Priesthood: Revelationconclusion: The Biblical Vision Of A Royal Priesthood
  • <strong>3. Priesthood Reformed: Luther&#x92;s Contribution</strong>
  • Setting The Stage: The Medieval Priesthoodluther And The Sacrament Of Ordinationthe Biblical Doctrine Of Believers&#x92; Priesthoodseven Ministries Of The Priesthoodluther&#x92;s Unique Contributions
  • <strong>4. Life In Communion: The Trinity And The Priesthood Of All Believers</strong>
  • Does The Trinity Make Any Difference?the Royal Priesthood Is Christocentric-trinitarianthe Best Of Songs: The Royal Priesthood Responds To The Father, The Son And The Holy Spiritthree Inadequate Protestant Versions Of The Priesthood Of All Believerssummary: Mystery And Maturity
  • <strong>5. Worship, Work And Witness: The Practices Of The Royal Priesthood</strong>
  • How Do Members Of The Royal Priesthood Respond To God?seven Practices Of The Royal Priesthoodconclusion: The Unity Of Worship, Work And Witness
  • <strong>6. Representing Christ</strong>
  • Mature In Christ: The Great Priest-kingone Vision: Four Perspectivesso What?
  • Notesbibliographyauthor Indexsubject Indexscripture Index

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