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The Arts as Witness in Multifaith Contexts

eBook|Nov 2019
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In search of holistic Christian witness, missionaries have increasingly sought to take into account all the dimensions of people's cultural and religious lives-including their songs, dances, dramatic performances, storytelling, and visual arts. Missiologists, educators, and practitioners are cultivating new approaches...

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In search of holistic Christian witness, missionaries have increasingly sought to take into account all the dimensions of people's cultural and religious lives-including their songs, dances, dramatic performances, storytelling, and visual arts. Missiologists, educators, and practitioners are cultivating new approaches for integrating the arts into mission praxis and celebrating creativity within local communities. And in an increasingly globalized and divided world, peacemaking must incorporate the use of artistic expressions to create understanding among peoples of diverse faiths. As Christians in all nations encounter members of other religions, how do they witness among these neighbors while respecting their distinct traditions? Building on sessions at the 2018 Missiology Lectures at Fuller Seminary, this book explores the crucial role of the arts in helping people from different cultures and faiths get caught up in the gospel story. Scholars and practitioners from throughout the world present historical and contemporary case studies and analyses. Their subjects include the use of Christian songs during the Liberian civil war and Ebola crisis, social critiques in contemporary Chinese art, interreligious dialogue through choir music in Germany, aesthetic practices of the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico, and how hip-hop music empowers urban young people in globalizing Mozambique. These essays foster a conversation about the work that missiologists, art critics, ethnodoxologists, and theologians can do together to help guide church leaders in promoting interfaith and intercultural relationships. While honestly identifying weaknesses in the church's practice, the contributors call all Christians to understand the power of art for expressing cultural and religious identity, opening spaces for transformative encounters, bridging divides, and resisting injustice.

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William Dyrness

William A. Dyrness (D.Theol., University of Strasbourg; Doctorandus., Free University, Amsterdam) professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a former missionary and the author of several books, including The Earth Is God's: A Theology of American Culture; Changing the Mind of Missions: Where Have We Gone Wrong?; Learning About Theology from the Third World; How Does America Hear the Gospel?; Themes in Old Testament Theology and Reformed Theology and Visual Culture.

He is the co-editor of Global Dictionary of Theology. with Veli-Matti Karkkainen and A Primer on Christian Worship: Where We've Been, Where We Are, Where We Can Go. Most recently he has authored Poetic Theology: God and the Poetics of Everyday Life
Koorong -Editorial Review.

  • In Search Of Holistic Christian Witness, Missionaries Have Increasingly Sought To Take Into Account All The Dimensions Of People's Cultural And Religious Lives-including Their Songs, Dances, Dramatic Performances, Storytelling, And Visual Arts. Missiologists, Educators, And Practitioners Are Cultivating New Approaches For Integrating The Arts Into Mission Praxis And Celebrating Creativity Within Local Communities. And In An Increasingly Globalized And Divided World, Peacemaking Must Incorporate The Use Of Artistic Expressions To Create Understanding Among Peoples Of Diverse Faiths. As Christians In All Nations Encounter Members Of Other Religions, How Do They Witness Among These Neighbors While Respecting Their Distinct Traditions? Building On Sessions At The 2018 Missiology Lectures At Fuller Seminary, This Book Explores The Crucial Role Of The Arts In Helping People From Different Cultures And Faiths Get Caught Up In The Gospel Story. Scholars And Practitioners From Throughout The World Present Historical And Contemporary Case Studies And Analyses. Their Subjects Include The Use Of Christian Songs During The Liberian Civil War And Ebola Crisis, Social Critiques In Contemporary Chinese Art, Interreligious Dialogue Through Choir Music In Germany, Aesthetic Practices Of The Zapatista Movement In Chiapas, Mexico, And How Hip-hop Music Empowers Urban Young People In Globalizing Mozambique. These Essays Foster A Conversation About The Work That Missiologists, Art Critics, Ethnodoxologists, And Theologians Can Do Together To Help Guide Church Leaders In Promoting Interfaith And Intercultural Relationships. While Honestly Identifying Weaknesses In The Church's Practice, The Contributors Call All Christians To Understand The Power Of Art For Expressing Cultural And Religious Identity, Opening Spaces For Transformative Encounters, Bridging Divides, And Resisting Injustice.
  • Introduction (roberta R. King And William Dyrness)
  • <strong>part I: Setting The Stage</strong>
  • 1 Arts And Mission: A Complex Story Of Cultural Encounter (james R. Krabill)
  • 2 Performing Witness: Loving Our Religious Neighbors Through Musicking (roberta R. King)
  • <strong>part Ii: Christians Reaching Out To Their Neighbors</strong>
  • 3 God Moves In A Mysterious Way: Christian Church Music In Multifaith Liberia, West Africa, In The Face Of Crisis And Challenge (ruth M. Stone)
  • 4 Sounds, Languages, And Rhythms: Hybridized Popular Music And Christian-national Identity Formation In Malaysia, Thailand, And Cambodia (sooi Ling Tan)
  • 5 Art As Dialogue: Exploring Sonically Aware Spaces For Interreligious Encounters (ruth Illman)
  • 6 "<em>simba Nguruma</em>": The Labor Of Christian Song In Polycultural, Multifaith Kenya (jean Ngoya Kidula)
  • <strong>part Iii: Christians Creating New Interfaith Expressions</strong>
  • 7 Crate-digging Through Culture: Hip-hop And Mission In Pluralistic Southern Africa (megan Meyers)
  • 8 "let The Sacred Be Redefined By The People": An Aesthetics Of Challenge Across Religious Lines (michelle Voss Roberts And Demi Day Mccoy)
  • 9 "wild, Wild China": Contemporary Art And Neocolonialism (joyce Yu-jean Lee)
  • 10 The Poetic Formation Of Interfaith Identities: The Zapatista Case (william Dyrness)
  • List Of Contributors
  • Image Credits
  • Name And Subject Index
  • Scripture Index

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