The Gospel For Real Life

Paperback|Oct 2003
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Synopsis: The gospel of Jesus Christ is the door to eternal life, but what difference does it make once we're inside God's kingdom? Jerry Bridges says the gospel is the very essence of our walk with God day by day....

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Synopsis: The gospel of Jesus Christ is the door to eternal life, but what difference does it make once we're inside God's kingdom? Jerry Bridges says the gospel is the very essence of our walk with God day by day. It is the key to our salvation, for sure, but it is also the power for our daily progress in holiness.


The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most explosive news of freedom the world has ever heard. Yet all too many of His followers today experience very little of the gospel's liberating power.

Why? Regrets over our past haunt us, fear and anxiety clutch at us, subtle legalism oppresses us, outright sin entangles us, and we spend much of the day without even thinking of God.

Yet the gospel offers us "unsearchable riches," and that's the title of the book's first chapter. Click here if you'd like to download it now for free.

The Gospel for Real Life will help you:
* Experience freedom from the grip of sin and know the joy of pursuing holiness
* Revel in God's acceptance of you and participate in His grace as a daily reality
* Expose the subtle acids of legalism in your life and enjoy the liberty of the cross
* Understand the crucial doctrines of the gospel and their priceless benefits to you
* Discover how to "preach the gospel to yourself daily"
* Learn ways to partake of the gospel's continuous transforming power
* Carry the true fullness of the gospel to a desperately needy world around you

Jerry Bridges maintains that the poverty of actual Christian experience is the result of an impoverished understanding of the depths of the gospel itself. The key is not to try a little harder, but to know more fully the incredible work of Christ on the cross-and to live in a more vital awareness of that grace day by day.

Bridges does not flinch at the hard facts of human sin and God's wrath. Concepts that are not exactly popular today, but understanding them is absolutely crucial. For without a knowledge of the depth of our sin, we cannot experience "the unsearchable riches of Christ" that are available to us in the gospel. Yet when we know those riches, we are empowered to live every day "glorying in a sense of acceptance and the experience of grace."

The gospel is not just for the afterlife, but for today-it is the gospel for real life.
- Publisher.

208 Pages

The gospel provides for our eternal salvation, but how does it benefit us day to day? ^ Find out from Navigator author Jerry Bridges how the gospel transforms you daily into Christlikeness. Learn more about the character of God and the character of Jesus as you explore this book on your own or with a discipleship partner. ^ ? Includes study guide with discussion questions

See for yourself how the gospel is more than eternal salvation--it sets you free from sin's defeat and empowers you to experience God's abundant life.

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Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges is one of the most widely recognized and trusted Christian writers today. The former vice-president for corporate affairs of The Navigators, he continues to serve as a Navigators staff member, ministering to college students, churches, and other groups around the world. His first book, The Pursuit of Holiness, is a modern classic with sales over one million copies. He is also the author of I Exalt You, O God, The Practice of Godliness, Trusting God, Transforming Grace, The Discipline of Grace (winner of the ECPA Gold Medallion award), and The Joy of Fearing God.