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The Pastor as Public Theologian: Reclaiming a Lost Vision

Paperback|Jan 2020
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:Many pastors today see themselves primarily as counselors, leaders, and motivators. Yet this often comes at the expense of the fundamental reality of the pastorate as a theological office. The most important role is to be a theologian mediating God...

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:Many pastors today see themselves primarily as counselors, leaders, and motivators. Yet this often comes at the expense of the fundamental reality of the pastorate as a theological office. The most important role is to be a theologian mediating God to the people. The church needs pastors who can contextualize biblical wisdom in Christian living to help their congregations think theologically about all aspects of their lives, such as work, end-of-life decisions, political involvement, and entertainment choices.

Drawing on the Bible, key figures from church history, and Christian theology, this book offers a clarion call for pastors to serve as public theologians in their congregations and communities. It is designed to be engaging reading for busy pastors and includes pastoral reflections on the theological task from twelve working pastors, including Kevin DeYoung and Cornelius Plantinga.


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Kevin J Vanhoozer

Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Ph.D., Cambridge University) is Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, from 1990-1998 was senior lecturer in theology and religious studies at New College, University of Edinburgh, in Edinburgh, Scotland.
He has written Biblical Narrative in the Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur (Cambridge University Press), Is There a Meaning in This Text? (Zondervan), The Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach to Christian Theology (Westminster John Knox). He is the editor of the Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology (Cambridge University Press), The Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible (Baker).

His most recent publications are First Theology: God, Scripture and Hermeneutics (Intervarsity Press), Remythologizing Theology: Divine Action, Passion, and Authorship. (Cambridge University Press) and Jeremiah (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible).

Koorong - Editorial Review.

Owen Strachan

Owen Strachan is the Managing Director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
Strachan is a PhD student in Historical Theology at TEDS. He has worked for the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Labor, 9Marks Ministries, the White House, the US Department of State and the presidents of Bowdoin College and Southern Seminary. Strachan was a history major at Bowdoin College and completed an MDiv in biblical and theological studies at Southern Seminary. He was a teaching assistant for the SBTS president and a research assistant for professors of history, literature, and theology. With Doulas Sweeney, Strachan is writing five books for Moody Press on the life and thought of Jonathan Edwards (The Essential Edwards Collection, out in early winter 2010).

A member of Crossway Community Church, Strachan lives in Highland Park, IL with his wife, Bethany and his daughter, Ella Rose. He hopes to serve as a pastor-theologian

  • :<b>contents</b><b>preface</b><i>owen Strachan And Kevin J. Vanhoozer</i><b>introduction: Pastors, Theologians, And Other Public Figures</b><i>kevin J. Vanhoozer</i> &amp;bull; Problem: A Lost Vision&amp;bull; Proposal: The Pastor-theologian As Peculiar Public Figure&amp;bull; Prospect: The Ministry Of What Is &amp;quot;in Christ&amp;quot;<i> Pastoral Perspectives</i> Gerald Hiestand--six Practical Steps Toward Being Apastor-theologianjosh Moody--seven Ways To Theologize As A Pastor<b>part 1: Biblical Theology And Historical Theology1. Of Prophets, Priests, And Kings: A Brief Biblical Theology Of The Pastorate</b><i>owen Strachan</i> &amp;bull; The Ministry Of The Old Covenant In The Old Testament&amp;bull; Participating In Jesus's Ministry Of The New Covenant: The New Testament&amp;bull; Conclusion: The Pastorate As Theological Office<i> Pastoral Perspectives</i> Melvin Tinker--the Pastor As Public Theologiantodd Wilson--human Origins: A Test Case Forpastor-theologiansjim Samra--a Practical Theology Of Technology<b>2. Of Scholars And Saints: A Brief History Of The Pastorate</b><i>owen Strachan</i> &amp;bull; The Early Church&amp;bull; The Medieval Period: Scholasticism And Monasticism&amp;bull; The Reformational Awakening: Protestant Pastors&amp;bull; Theological Shepherds: The Puritans And The Practicality Of Truth&amp;bull; Agents Of &amp;quot;divine Business&amp;quot;: The Edwardseans And Pastoral Dominion&amp;bull; The Modern Turn: Populism, Professionalism, And The Tamingof The Pastorate&amp;bull; Glimmers Of Hope: Harold Ockenga And Neoevangelical Boldness&amp;bull; Conclusion: Toward What Pastorate?<i> Pastoral Perspectives</i> Wesley G. Pastor--how The Theology Of Saving Faith Has Affected My Congregationkevin Deyoung--a Place For Truth<b>part 2: Systematic Theology And Practical Theology3. In The Evangelical Mood: The Purpose Of The Pastor-theologian</b><i>kevin J. Vanhoozer</i> &amp;bull; The Many Moods Of Theology: Between Death And Resurrection&amp;bull; A Ministry Of Reality: Theology In The Indicative Mood&amp;bull; A Ministry Of Understanding: The <i>diakonia </i>of God's Word&amp;bull; A Ministry Of (new) Life: Theology In The Imperative Mood&amp;bull; The Goods Of Theology: What Are Seminaries For?<i> Pastoral Perspectives</i> David Gibson--on Deathbill Kynes--preaching The Doctrine Of The Gospel As Truth,goodness, And Beautycornelius Plantinga Jr.--reading For Preaching<b>4. Artisans In The House Of God: The Practices Of The Pastor-theologian</b><i>kevin J. Vanhoozer</i> &amp;bull; The Great Pastoral Commission: &amp;quot;make Disciples&amp;quot;; &amp;quot;build God's House&amp;quot;&amp;bull; Evangelist: Presenting What Is In Christ&amp;bull; Catechist: Teaching What Is In Christ&amp;bull; Liturgist: Celebrating What Is In Christ&amp;bull; Apologist: Demonstrating What Is In Christ<i> Pastoral Perspectives</i> Guy A. Davies--the Drama Of Preachingjason B. Hood--the Pastor-theologian As Pulpit Apologist<b>conclusion: Fifty-five Summary Theses On The Pastor As Public Theologian</b><i>kevin J. Vanhoozer</i>indexes

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