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The Roots of the Reformation (2nd Edition)

Paperback|Oct 2012
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Renowned historian G. R. Evans revisits the question of what happened at the Reformation. Contravening traditional paradigms of interpretation, Evans charts the controversies and challenges that roiled the era of the Reformation and argues that these are really part of...

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Renowned historian G. R. Evans revisits the question of what happened at the Reformation. Contravening traditional paradigms of interpretation, Evans charts the controversies and challenges that roiled the era of the Reformation and argues that these are really part of a much longer history of discussion and disputation. Evans takes up several issues, such as Scripture, ecclesiology, authority, sacraments and ecclesio-political relations, and traces the shape of the charged discussions that orbited around these through the patristic, medieval and Reformation eras. In this, she demonstrates that in many ways the Reformation was in considerable continuity with the periods that preceded it, though the consequential outcome of the debates in the sixteenth century was dramatically different.

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Gillian R Evans

GR Evans is Emeritus Professor of Medieval Theology and Intellectual History in the University of Cambridge. She has an international reputation in the fields of medieval intellectual history and modern ecumenical theology, and has published extensively in these fields. Her books include Wyclif: Myth and Reality (Lion), The History of Christian Europe (Lion), The Good, the Bad and the Moral (Lion), Anselm and Talking about God (Oxford), Problems of Authority in the Reformation Debates (Cambridge University Press), and The Anselm Concordance (Kraus, 4 vols.).

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
  • 1. Setting The Scene: The "fair Field Of Folk"
  • Part 1: Bible And Church: The Questions Begin
  • 2. The Idea Of Church
  • A New Idea
  • The Emergence Of Ministers As Leaders
  • Local Churches And The Universal Church
  • 3. The Idea Of Faith
  • What Do We Believe? Trying To Put The Faith In A Nutshell
  • One Faith And Different Rites
  • 4. Where Was The Bible?
  • Adding To The Old Testament
  • Creating A Standard Text Of The Bible For Use In The West
  • The Ministry Of The Word In The Early Church
  • Finding Many Meanings In Scripture
  • 5. Becoming And Remaining A Member Of The Church
  • The Doctrine Of Baptism Emerges
  • Insiders And Outsiders: Cyprian And The Rigorist Approach To The Problem Of Apostasy
  • 6. Penance And The Recurring Problem Of Sin
  • 7. The Eucharist And The Idea Of Sacraments
  • Eucharist
  • Sacraments
  • 8. Organization, Making Decisions And Keeping Together
  • Councils And Other Ways Of Making Decisions
  • The Fifteenth-century Bid For Conciliarism Instead Of Primatial Government Of The Church
  • 9. The Church And The State
  • The Two Swords
  • The Body Politic, The City, The Corporation And The Church
  • Titles And Benefices And The Growing Problem Of The Church's Wealth
  • Part 2: Continuity And Change In The Middle Ages
  • 10. Monastic Life, Monastic Education And Awakening Social Concerns
  • Guibert Of Nogent: Monk And Social Commentator
  • Monasteries As Powerhouses Of Education
  • 11. The Beginning Of Academic Theology And The Invention Of Universities
  • The Invention Of Universities
  • Bible Study And The Beginning Of Academic Theology
  • 12. The Evangelical Urge And The Wandering Preachers
  • Preaching Becomes Popular Again
  • The Formal Rhetorical Art Of Preaching
  • The Franciscans And The Dominicans
  • 13. Religious Experiments By The Laity
  • Working People, Active Orders
  • Exemplary Individuals And Being An Example To Others
  • Glimpses Of Ordinary Lives: Learning What To Believe And How To Live
  • The Church Fosters The Mixed Life
  • 14. Rebels, Repression And The Stirrings Of Reform
  • Social Comment And The Debate About Poverty
  • John Wyclif
  • John Hus
  • Part 3: Continuity And Change From The Reformation
  • 15. Renaissance
  • The Rediscovery Of The Greek And Hebrew Scriptures
  • The Biblical Languages And The Universities
  • Humanism Or Scholasticism: The Two Ways
  • 16. Luther And His Heirs: The Moderate Reformers
  • The Conversion Of Martin Luther And Its Consequences
  • Melanchthon, Moderation And Building A Bridge Between The Academic And The Popular
  • Creating A Lutheran Doctrinal System
  • 17. Henry Viii And The English Reformation
  • 18. Peaceful Extremists? The Anabaptist Heirs Of The Medieval Sects
  • Huldreich Zwingli And The Battle With The Anabaptists
  • Lutheran "good Citizens" And Anabaptist "anarchy"
  • 19. Calvin And His Heirs: The Reformed Churces
  • John Calvin
  • France, Huguenots And Some Notable Women
  • John Knox And Scotland
  • The English Reformation Turns Calvinist
  • Puritans Leave For The New World
  • 20. The Counter-reformation
  • Responding To The Challenge: Reforming Moves In Rome
  • Science And The Bible From A Roman Catholic Perspective
  • 21. Church And State Again: New Political Dimensions Of The Idea Of Order
  • 22. Bible Questions Continue
  • Wrestling With The Humanity Of Scripture
  • Textual Difficulties And Translation Issues
  • The Style And Obscurity Of Scripture
  • Increasingly Radical Divergences Of Opinion And Practice
  • Conclusion
  • Handlist Of Reformation Concerns And Their History
  • Select Bibliography
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index
  • Scripture Index

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