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Books of the Bible: The New Testament (Niv)

Books of the Bible: The New Testament (Niv)
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Books of the Bible: The New Testament (Niv)

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About "Books of the Bible: The New Testament (Niv)"

The Books of the Bible New Testament is a revolutionary new presentation of Scripture that strips away centuries of artificial formatting, leaving behind nothing but pure Bible text. The result is a Bible unlike any other available today, but more like the original Scriptures. The Books of the Bible is specially designed to be read from start to finish, as if you were reading a novel. Natural literary breaks have been restored and the books have been rearranged chronologically, rather than by length, leading to a more authentic presentation of the Bible. There is also a helpful introduction to each book that sets the text in context, rather than adding explanation or application. The NIV text is also set in single-column format, rather than in two columns as you usually find in the Bible. This aids reading longer chunks at a time, as you would if you were reading a novel for pleasure.

Community Bible Experience is about changing the way we read God's Word. By following the reading plan found online at, you'll experience the whole New Testament in just eight weeks. Why not gather together as a book club to share the journey rather than reading in isolation. You'll glimpse more of the Bible's context than ever before. And your entire church community will rally around the one thing that matters most: God's Word.

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