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Faith Speaking Understanding

Kevin J Vanhoozer

Faith Speaking Understanding

Kevin J Vanhoozer



In this accessible and engaging volume, eminent scholar Kevin Vanhoozer makes a powerful case for "performing" doctrine, that is, taking theology beyond cerebral assent to enacted truth. Vanhoozer offers a compelling vision of the kind of discipleship the church should be practicing.

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About "Faith Speaking Understanding"

In this accessible and engaging volume, eminent scholar Kevin Vanhoozer makes a powerful case for "performing" doctrine, that is, taking theology beyond cerebral assent to enacted truth. Vanhoozer offers a compelling vision of the kind of discipleship the church should be practicing.
- Koorong

In this volume, highly esteemed scholar Kevin Vanhoozer introduces readers to a way of thinking about Christian theology that takes the work he began in the groundbreaking 2005 book, The Drama of Doctrine, to its next level. Vanhoozer argues that theology is not merely a set of cognitive beliefs, but is also something we do that involves speech and action alike. He uses a theatrical model to explain the ways in which doctrine shapes Christian understanding and forms disciples. The church, Vanhoozer posits, is the preeminent theater where the gospel is "performed," with doctrine directing this performance. Doctrines are not simply truths to be stored, shelved, and stacked, but indications and directions to be followed, practiced, and enacted. In "performing" doctrine, Christians are shaped into active disciples of Jesus Christ. He goes on to examine the state of the church in today's world and explores how disciples can do or perform doctrine. Written in an accessible and engaging style, Faith Speaking Understanding sets forth a compelling vision of what the church is and what it should be doing, and demonstrates the importance of Christian doctrine for this mission.
- Publisher

Meet the Author

Kevin J Vanhoozer

Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Ph.D., Cambridge University) is Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, from 1990-1998 was senior lecturer in theology and religious studies at New College, University of Edinburgh, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He has written Biblical Narrative in the Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur (Cambridge University Press), Is There a Meaning in This Text? (Zondervan), The Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach to Christian Theology (Westminster John Knox). He is the editor of the Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology (Cambridge University Press), The Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible (Baker).

His most recent publications are First Theology: God, Scripture and Hermeneutics (Intervarsity Press), Remythologizing Theology: Divine Action, Passion, and Authorship. (Cambridge University Press) and Jeremiah (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible).

Koorong - Editorial Review.

Table Of Contents

  • part 1. Before The Curtain Rises: On Theology

    and Theater

    1 Doing The Word "on Earth As It Is In Heaven":

    introducing The Theater Of The Gospel

    • faith Speaking Understanding: The Challenge

    • the Witness As Doer Of The Word: James's Mirror

      and Jesus' House

    • "theater" Of The Gospel: Definitions And Distinctions

    • theater As Handmaid To Theology: Metaphor Or Model?

    2 Audience Participation: Loving God, Doing Truth,

    being Church

    • "breaking Down The Dividing Wall":

      between Actor And Audience

    • "walking In The Truth": Participation In Christ

    • "confessing The Coming Of Christ":

      a Self-involving Demonstration

    • "abiding In Doctrine": The Audience As Staging Area

    part 2. Faith Showing Understanding: How Doctrine

    makes Disciples And How Disciples Do Doctrine

    3 The Great Theater Of The World: Setting

    the Twenty-first-century Stage

    • stage: Church, World, And The Contemporary Crisis

      of Authenticity

    • lighting: "a Lamp Unto My Feet"

    • action: The Essence Of Dramatic Theater

    • recapitulation: The Canonical Imperative

    4 Gospel Theater: The Triune Drama Of Redemption

    • the Play Of The Playwright "from Above": A Drama

      of Trinitarian Proportions

    • the Players: Human And Other Dramatis Personae

    • the Play Of The Playwright "from Below": A Courtroom

    • drama Of Kingdom And Kinship

    • recapitulation: The Orthodox Imperative

    5 Learning (and Becoming) The Part: "little Christs"

    • roles: Till We Have Faces

    • costume: Putting On Christ

    • prompts: Word And Spirit As Aide-mmoire And Means Of Grace

    • recapitulation: The Pauline Imperative

    6 Forming The Company, Doing Church: Doctrinal

    directions For Acting Out Life Together In Christ

    • communio Sanctorum: Disciples' Gathering As

    • command Performance--"do This"

    • scenes Of Congregational Life

    • rehearsing Communion: The Supper As Summa Of The Gospel

    • recapitulation: The Catholic-evangelical Imperative

    7 Staging The Play In Ten Thousand Places: How The

    company Of The Gospel Enacts Parables Of The Kingdom

    • local Church, Local Theater: Where Is "in Christ"?

    • an Interactive Theater Of Resident Exiles And Holy Fools

    • improvisation: Embodying The Mind Of Christ Always,

    • everywhere, And To Everyone

    • recapitulation: The Sapiential Imperative

    8 (torn) Curtain: On Earth As He Is In Heaven

    • climax: "sits At The Right Hand Of God The Father Almighty"

    • conflict: Postvictory Theater Of The Oppressed

    • catharsis: Purification Of The Heart

    • recapitulation: The Doxological Imperative

    conclusion. Tell And Show: Exhibiting The Gospel

    in Company With Christ

    • exeunt: The Dismissal

    • encore: The Gloria

    appendix. What Has Broadway To Do With Jerusalem?

    • the Antitheatrical Prejudice: Responding

      to Historical Objections

    • "the Play's Not The Thing": Responding

      to Contemporary Objections

    selected Bibliography

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