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Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader!

Help! Im a Small-Group Leader!
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Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader!


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Leading a small group is always challenging, especially a group of young people. In HELP! I'M A SMALL GROUP LEADER! you'll find methods and approaches you can use to accomplish big things in the lives of your teenagers. 138 pages, Youth Specialties

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About "Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader!"

Leading a small group is always challenging, especially a group of young people. In HELP! I'M A SMALL GROUP LEADER! you'll find methods and approaches you can use to accomplish big things in the lives of your teenagers. 138 pages, Youth Specialties
- Koorong

So you're leading a small group? Your small group can accomplish big things in the lives of your teenagers. And in Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader! you'll find methods and approaches you can use. Foibles and minefields to avoid. Solutions and tips that will help you nurture your small group into a growing community, whatever you goals. Inside you'll discover -- How to put small groups together - How NOT to lead a small group - How to start a discussion -- and KEEP IT GOING - How to ASK QUESTIONS that get responses - Three kinds of BIBLE STUDY questions to ask - How to work with DIFFERENT personalities in a small group - How to help you kids LEARN TO PRAY - 10 ideas for BUILDING COMMUNITY in your small group . . . and to top it off are 20 pages of questions (100 questions, to be exact) that you can use in your small group Bible study, on the most common subjects discussed in junior and senior high small groups. All this in a no-frills, straight-to-the-point style -- perfect for voluntee
- Publisher

1. What Is a "Small Group"? 2. Why Small Groups? 3. How to Put Small Groups Together 4. How Not to Lead a Small Group 5. Starting a Discussion - and Keeping it Going 6. The Importance of Confidentiality 7. Ask Questions That Get Responses 8. Three Kinds of Bible Study Questions to Ask 9. Working with Different Personalities in a Small Group 10. You Can Help Your Kids Learn to Pray 11. 10 Ideas for Building Community in Your Small Group 144 Pages
- Publisher

Meet the Author

Laurie Polich

With 15 years of youth ministry experience, Laurie Polich serves as pastor of small groups and discipleship at Ocean Hills Covenant Church, in Santa Barbara. She's the author of several books including Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader training curriculum and book, Studies on the Go: John, and Small Group Qs, and she speaks frequently to students and youth workers across the country. SPANISH BIO: Laurie Polich es miembro del equipo de entrenamiento de Especialidades Juveniles . Cuando no esta dando clases sobre el ministerio con adolescentes en la Azusa Pacific University, habla en campamentos, c

Table Of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • What Is A 'small Group'?
  • Why Small Groups?
  • How To Put Small Groups Together
  • How Not To Lead A Small Group
  • Starting A Discussion---and Keeping It Going
  • The Importance Of Confidentiality
  • Ask Questions That Get Responses
  • Three Kinds Of Bible Study Questions To Ask
  • Working With Different Personalities In A Small Group
  • You Can Help Your Kids Learn To Pray
  • 10 Ideas For Building Community In Your Small Group


Excerpt from: Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader!

Introduction When I was 17, I had my first small-group experience. It was February of my senior year. I had signed up to go to a Christian camp for the---ahem---very spiritual reason that my boyfriend was going, and I wanted to be with him (a common level of spirituality among high school students). But God wasn't constrained by my motives, and I came back from camp with a new relationship. Two weeks later, my boyfriend and I broke up, but God and I have been together ever since. I became a Christian that weekend largely because of the patience and encouragement of my small-group leader. I can still see Joanne's face as I strongly asserted my spiritual views, misguided though they were. As I explained to her the Gospel According To Laurie Polich, she patiently listened to my ideas, trusting that the Holy Spirit would make the needed adjustments as time went on. Somehow she knew that all of us in the group needed a chance to process our thoughts and be heard. And thanks to Joanne's skilled leadership, our small group was a place where that could happen. Since then I've been in all sorts of small groups, as a leader or a participant. Joanne's face has remained an image for me as I've tried to be the kind of small-group leader she was---the kind that students really need. I'm thankful for Joanne and so many others who, with gentleness, patience, and faithfulness, modeled for me what small-group ministry is all about. It's because of their work in my life that I've had the freedom and encouragement to fall so deeply in love with Jesus Christ. Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader! is for people who want to impact students through the ministry of small groups. It's the most effective way I know to help kids grow in their faith. Perhaps it's because they experience firsthand---sometimes for the first time---the body of Christ. 'From Christ the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work,' wrote Paul to the Ephesian church (4:16). As students join together in a supportive environment, they not only learn what it means to become a Christian, but how to be the Christian they've become. This is true discipleship. There are all sorts of ways to effectively lead a small group, yet most of these ways are distilled from a few proven principles. This book equips you with these principles, while letting you keep the uniqueness of your own style. 'There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit,' Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 12:4-6. 'There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all [people].' As you learn (or improve) the skill of leading a small group, my prayer is that you discover the joy and fulfillment of being used by God. And if this little book assists you in that task, I can say along with Paul that my joy will be complete. What is a 'small group'? Usually composed of anywhere between three and eight students, small groups typically break down into three types. The 'Let's break up and explore this question for five minutes' small group: This is the informal, spontaneous small group you form in order to get kids sharing their thoughts on a topic or lesson. Its life span is typically five to 10 minutes, or perhaps as long as a weekend retreat. Its purpose: a one-time, quick use only --- a good introduction to small groups for kids who've never experienced them. The small Sunday school class or Bible study group: This type of small group is more for study and instruction than relationship building. And unlike the first type, this small group is ongoing --- its life span can be several months to several years. Significant preparation is required for the leader of this The accountability/discipleship small group: This small group tends to be the most intimate of the three, and is more for relationship building, accountability, and discipling than study or instruction. Like the Bible study group, this small group is ongoing, with a life that can span several months or even years. (With this type of group, the longer the better.) If an accountability group includes a Bible study, the emphasis is on application rather than interpretation. The goal of this type of group is to build deeper relationships among the kids and facilitating adult --- and to help them all live out God's Word in their lives. Okay, time to grab a pen and think about your small group---or the one you will soon lead---and jot down responses to these questions: 1. Which of these three small group types is yours most like? Or is yours a hybrid? 2. What are some goals for your small group? 3. What is the anticipated life span of your small group? 4. Where do you meet? 5. What are some of the difficulties in leading this small group?

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