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Live in San Diego


Live in San Diego



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If you've seen their cracking clip for 'Meant to Live,' you'll have an idea of the intensity and zeal in Switchfoot's live performances. This DVD offers nothing less. Featuring songs from A BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN, it also includes interviews, behind the scenes footage and more.

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Track Listings

  • 1 - 24
  • 2 - Adding To The Noise
  • 3 - Ammunition
  • 4 - Beautiful Letdown
  • 5 - Dare You To Move
  • 6 - Gone
  • 7 - Learning To Breathe
  • 8 - Meant To Live
  • 9 - More Than Fins
  • 10 - On Fire
  • 11 - This Is Your Life

About "Live in San Diego"

If you've seen their cracking clip for 'Meant to Live,' you'll have an idea of the intensity and zeal in Switchfoot's live performances. This DVD offers nothing less. Featuring songs from A BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN, it also includes interviews, behind the scenes footage and more.
- Koorong

68 Minutes
- Publisher

Switchfoot - San Diego's genre-busting rules-breaking rock band - took the stage at the fabled punk rock venue Soma to give the group's hardcore hometown fans the kind of show that legends are made of.^^Pulling together a scorching set of tunes from The Beautiful Letdown, the band's breakthrough album, Switchfoot delivered a full-throttle performance of the anthemic melodic rock 'n' roll that's made them one of the most sought-after bands on the alt-rock circuit. You can experience all the power of the magical night including amazing performances of the hits "Meant To Live" and "Dare You To Move" on Live In San Diego, Switchfoot's brand-new DVD release.^^As an added bonus, Live In San Diego takes Switchfoot fans behind the scences of the "Meant To Live" video shoot with an exclusive and candid interview with the band.^^Wheather you're deep into Switchfoot or just finding out what the Switchfoot buzz is all about, Live In San Diego is the perfect introduction to one of the most exciting musical phenomena on today's alternative music scene.^^DVD Video Extras:^* Interviews^* "Meant To Live" Video^* Behind the Scenes of the "Meant To Live" Video^* Photo Gallery
- Publisher

Meet the Artist


Howdy, my name is Jon. I play guitar and sing in a San Diego band called Switchfoot. We started out as a three piece: Tim (my brother) playing the bass, Chad, (my college buddy) playing the drums, and myself writing the tunes. Our first record came out the week after my brother graduated from high school. We called it: The Legend of Chin, naming it after my best friend. Willis. We traveled around that summer and went back to school in the fall. A few years later we put out a record called New Way to be Human and I dropped out of college. We decided to really give music a go and started touring a bit more seriously.

After that, we put out a record called Learning to Breathe. My friend Jerome called and told me he had just quit his day job. Our band had been playing shows with Jerome's old band for years so we joined forces with Jerome and now he plays the keyboards and guitars with us every night. We made a record called The Beautiful Letdown a few years later. Then our friend Drew's band broke up. He plays the guitar in our band now. Then we made a record called Nothing is Sound and decided a five piece was enough to accomplish what we wanted to do live. So we decided not to enlist any more of our friends for help on stage.

And now, a few tips on making your own band's t-shirts in between gigs: hotel hairdryers help the fabric paint dry faster, three ring binders and a razor blade are all you need for a stencil, sponges work best for applying the ink. I think we like doing things ourselves because no one cares about the music more than we do. We've stuffed our own CD cases. We've done the sixteen-hour drives. I feel that we've paid our dues on the road as much as anyone. But still, we never really fit in with the "cooler than thou" hipsters. I suppose it's a matter of course: we've always wanted to make music for everyone, not just for the scene. We've tried our best to live out the idea that it's better to be honest than momentarily cool.

And so this past summer when we set out to record a new record, we tried to put all pressures and expectations aside and focus on the music. We wanted to make a record that was honest. A record that didn't trip on itself. A record that represented everything that we first fell in love with about music. We tried to forget about theory and pitch and timing and focus on feeling. As a result, I think that Oh! Gravity is the most honest thing we've ever done. I am so proud of these tunes and hope that they resonate with you like they do for us.

In closing, I am so grateful for the gifts that I've been given. Near the top of the list would be the camaraderie that we have with each other on the road. Besides the fact that my brother's in the band, it really does feel a family out there on tour. I know it's not the cocky rock-and-roll thing to say, but I am so proud to be making music with these guys every night. I feel so privileged to be able to play these songs with them. I love screaming these songs out with them. And I have a deep respect for everyone who comes every night. We have always tried to break down the wall between the stage and the audience. I feel like I've done my job if we leave the stage while everyone in the club is still singing. Communication has always been the goal. You see, I want to sing a song that will continue long after we're gone.

So thanks for reading. Thanks for singing along. Thanks for making these songs your own.

- Jon Foreman

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Product Details

Product Details
  • Catalogue Code 209969
  • Product Code 724359935294
  • UPC 724359935294
  • Tracks 11
  • Department Music
  • Category Music DVD
  • Sub-Category General
  • Publisher Sparrow
  • Release Date Mar 2004
  • Dimensions 194 x 136 x 15 mm
  • Weight 0.109kg

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