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Inwagen Peter Van (Ed)


Inwagen Peter Van (Ed)


This volume provides a vital student resource: a collection of the essential classic and contemporary readings in metaphysics.

- Publisher

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About "Metaphysics"

This volume provides a vital student resource: a collection of the essential classic and contemporary readings in metaphysics.
- Publisher

Meet the Author

Inwagen Peter Van (Ed)

Peter van Inwagen is John Cardinal O'Hara Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. He is the author of "God, Knowledge, and Mystery: Essays in Philosophical Theology" (1995), "Metaphysics" (1993), "Material Beings" (1990), and "An Essay on Free Will" (1983). ýýDean Zimmerman is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University. He has published articles on metaphysics in "The American Philosophical Quarterly, Analysis, The Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Mind, The Monist, Nous, The Philosophical Review, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research," and other journal

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction: What Is Metaphysics? Part I: What Is The World Like? A: How
  • Are Appearances Of Things Related To The Things That Appear?: 1. The
  • Theory Of Sensa: An Excerpt From Scientific Thought: C.d. Broad. 2.
  • Qualities: An Excerpt From "consciousness And Causality": D.m.
  • Armstrong. 3. The Status Of Appearances: An Excerpt From Theory Of
  • Knowledge, 1st Edition: Roderick M. Chisholm. B: What Is The Relationship
  • Between An Individual And Its Characteristics?: 4. Universals And
  • Resemblances: Chapter 1 Of Thinking And Experience: H.h. Price. 5. The
  • Principles Of Individuation: Chapter 8 Of Human Knowledge, Its Scope And
  • Limits: Bertrand Russell. 6. The Elements Of Being: D.c. Williams 7.
  • Distinct Indiscernibles And The Bundle Theory: Dean W. Zimmerman. C: What
  • Is Time? What Is Space?: 8. Time: An Excerpt From The Nature Of Existence
  • J. Mct. E. Mctaggart. 9. Mctaggart's Arguments Against The Reality Of
  • Time: An Excerpt From Examination Of Mctaggart's Philosophy: C.d. Broad.
  • 10. The Notion Of The Present: A.n. Prior. 11. The General Problem Of Time
  • And Change: An Excerpt From Scientific Thought: C.d. Broad. 12. The
  • Space-time World: An Excerpt From Philosophy And Scientific Realism:
  • J.j.c. Smart. 13. Topis, Soris, Noris: An Excerpt From The Existence Of
  • Space And Time: Ian Hinckfuss. 14. Some Free Thinking About Time: A.n.
  • Prior. 15. The Fourth Dimension: An Excerpt From The Ambidextrous
  • Universe: Martin Gardner. 16. Absolute Space And Incongruent Counterparts:
  • James Van Cleve. 17. Achilles And Tortoise: Max Black. 18. A Contemporary
  • Look At Zeno's Paradoxes: An Excerpt From Space, Time, And Motion: Wesley
  • C. Salmon. 19. Grasping The Infinite: Jose A. Benardete. 20. The Paradoxes
  • Of Time Travel: David Lewis. D: How Do Things Persist Through Changes Of
  • Parts And Properties?: 21. Confused Subject-ideas Equivalent To Two
  • Subject-ideas: An Excerpt From The Art Of Thinking: Antoine Arnauld And
  • Pierre Nicole. 22. Identity Through Time: Roderick M. Chisholm. 23.
  • Identity, Ostension, And Hypostasis: W.v.o. Quine 24. Identity: An Excerpt
  • From Quiddities: W.v.o. Quine 25. In Defense Of Stages: Postscript B To
  • "survival And Identity": David Lewis. 26. Some Problems About Time:
  • Peter Geach 27. The Problem Of Temporary Intrinsics: An Excerpt From On
  • The Plurality Of Worlds: David Lewis. 28. Temporary Intrinsics And
  • Presentism: Dean W. Zimmerman. E: How Do Causes Bring About Their
  • Effects?: 29. Constant Conjunction: An Excerpt From A Treatise Of Human
  • Nature: David Hume. 30. Efficient Cause And Active Power: An Excerpt From
  • Essays On The Active Powers Of The Human Mind: Thomas Reid. 31.
  • Psychological And Physical Causal Laws: An Excerpt From The Analysis Of
  • Mind: Bertrand Russell. 32. Causality: An Excerpt From A Modern
  • Introduction To Logic: L. Susan Stebbing. 33. Causality And Determination:
  • G.e.m. Anscombe. Part Ii: What Is Our Place In The World?: A: What Is The
  • Relation Between Mind And Body?: 34. Which Physical Thing Am I?: (part
  • Contents).

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Product Details
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  • Pages 512
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  • Category Philosophy
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  • Publisher Blackwell Publishing
  • Publication Date Jan 1998
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