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No God But One: Allah Or Jesus?

Nabeel Qureshi

No God But One: Allah Or Jesus?

Nabeel Qureshi

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Both Islam and Christianity teach that there is only one God, and so many people see them as similar and overlapping. Bestselling author Nabeel Qureshi takes readers on a compelling journey that compares the two faiths in detail, revealing their radically different natures.

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About "No God But One: Allah Or Jesus?"

Both Islam and Christianity teach that there is only one God, and so many people see them as similar and overlapping. Bestselling author Nabeel Qureshi takes readers on a compelling journey that compares the two faiths in detail, revealing their radically different natures.
- Koorong


On account of the superficial points of agreement between Islam and Christianity, many don't see how tremendously deep the divides between them really are, and fewer still have considered the evidence for each faith. How is Jihad different from the Crusades? Can we know the life of Jesus as well as the life of Muhammad? What reason is there to believe in one faith over the other, and what difference can the Gospel really make?

In No God But One, New York Times bestselling author Nabeel Qureshi takes readers on a global, historical, yet deeply personal journey to the heart of the world's two largest religions. He explores the claims that each faith makes upon believers' intellects and lives, critically examining the evidence in support of their distinctive beliefs. Fleshed out with stories from the annals of both religions, No God But One unveils the fundamental, enduring conflict between Islam and Christianity-directly addressing controversial topics like Jihad, the Crusades, Sharia, the Trinity, and more.

Readers of Qureshi's first book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, will appreciate his careful and respectful comparison of Islam and Christianity. Both religions teach that there is No God But One, but who deserves to be worshiped, Allah or Jesus?

- Publisher

Meet the Author

Nabeel Qureshi

The late Nabeel Qureshi was a speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He held a doctorate from Eastern Virginia Medical School, a Masters in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, and a Masters in Religion from Duke University. He passed away of cancer in September 2017.

Table Of Contents

  • :1.islam Or Christianity?part 1: Core Beliefs2.qur?an: Divinely Inspired Or A Human Product?3.muhammad: Godly Prophet Or A Historical Enigma?4.jesus: Divine Son Of God Or A Mortal Messiah?5.jesus? Death: Rescued Or Crucified?6.jesus? Resurrection: Miracle Or Myth?part 2: Other Important Issues 7.jihad And The Crusades: Violence In Islam And Christianity8.women In Islam And Christianity9.the Qur?an And The Bible: The Scriptures Of Islam And Christianity10.tauheed And The Trinity: The Heart Of Islam And Christianityconclusion11.allah Or Jesus?: Who Is Worthy Of Worship?


  • No God but One by Nabeel Qureshi: Book Trailer

Customer Reviews For "No God But One: Allah Or Jesus?"

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5 stars By Derek Davey, Aug 15 2017
Continuing from his book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel fleshes out his gaining of knowledge and understanding of the history of Muhammad, the Quran, Jesus, and the Bible. Bookended by the short story of Sara Fatima, a Saudi Christian young lady who's faith is discovered by her brother, Nabeel thoroughly documents the differences. He shows that the whole story of Islam, largely presented orally by authority figures, is essentially myth, the historicity and other argued bases missing. He finds the great gap of historical documentation around the early centuries of Islam, compared to the ample documentation for Jesus. Of note is the fact that Arabic script was just differentiating from Nabatean and Aramaic scripts in the 6th century CE. So a component was missing for recording the Quran and history. But Aramaic was the trade language for the area. Following theology studies, Nabeel shines a different light on some scriptures. Of direct help for me is the matter that Quran verses rarely have a context. Each stands alone. (The only complete story is that of Joseph. There are some partial stories.) I have noted a (former Muslim) friend having trouble understanding the Bible, focussing on one verse or word regardless of the surrounding explanation. This is evident when Muslims quote our Bible, taking a verse out of context. The surrounding passage clarifies. They have the same problem with the Quran. Wanting help with this interfaith dialogue? Start here.
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compelling reading
5 stars By jin pian, Jan 31 2017
This is an amazing book written objectively by a once committed Muslim who sought to convince non Muslims that Islam is the true religion to follow. He engaged in debates with Christians and received counterevidence against his view which led to his research into whether it should be Allah or Jesus to follow. His convincing conclusion was that it should be Jesus who is the true living God worth following and dying for.
It's a compelling reading for anyone who honestly seeks the true God and desires to understand Islam and Christianity. The writer presents both views of the Christian and the Muslim in a logical and unprejudiced way. It helps me understand more clearly the difference between Islam and Christianity. I can speak with more confidence to any enquiring Muslim. Anyone including the Muslim would benefit greatly from reading this book.

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Brilliant mind
5 stars By Jordan, Dec 19 2016
Nabeel is a phenomenal apologist in the realm of islam..highly intelligent individual aligned with ravi zachiarias ministries. This is one of the best ways to gracefully reach out in love to a Muslim brother. we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood. Highly acclaimed in my eyes. Has brilliant videos on youtube etc brilliant books. i would highly suggest individuals get a greater understanding of other faiths such as islam and how they are different theologically trinity, diety of Jesus etc VERY beneficial. 
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Essential reading
5 stars By Nicole, Nov 16 2016
As a former Muslim, Nabeel provides invaluable insight into common objections Muslims hold against Christianity. Maintaining an objective and rational perspective, Nabeel investigates common issues relating to Islam and Christianity in a reader-friendly manner. Essential reading for those who wish to gain insight into the similarities and differences between the faiths and engage in spiritual conversation with Muslims. 
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An ex-muslim shares the knowledge that shook his former faith and planted him firmly in Christ.
5 stars By A. L. Ashley , Aug 31 2016
In the long awaited book "No God but One" Dr. Nabeel Qureshi provides well researched comparisons between Islam and Christiany - delving into both these faiths and revealing similarities as well as the stark differences between the two major worldviews. Readers are not only given deeper insight into the two largest faiths they are also taken on a spiritual journey that initially lead to some very tough decisions on Nabeel's part and in turn ultimately lead to a spiritual awakening. The book is extremely easy to follow; firstly by being divided into two major questions split over ten parts (each part with four subsections), secondly by providing sound referencing and thirdly - and most importantly - in being written with servility and compassion. For those who have enjoyed the works of such authors as: James. R. White and Mark. A. Gabriel this latest edition by Nabeel Qureshi will not fail to impress. 
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