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Organic Community

Joseph Myers
Organic Community
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Organic Community

Joseph Myers


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Church consultant Joseph Myers argues that churches are too focused on running programs instead of facilitating community. In this book, he offers practical advice to pastors who want to turn their churches into community-shaping environments.

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About "Organic Community"

Church consultant Joseph Myers argues that churches are too focused on running programs instead of facilitating community. In this book, he offers practical advice to pastors who want to turn their churches into community-shaping environments.
- Koorong

Community is a fundamental life search and one of the key aspects people look for in a congregation. But community can???t be forced, controlled, or easily created. The problem, says Joseph R. Myers, is that churches are too focused on developing programs instead of concentrating on environments where community will spontaneously emerge. Organic Community challenges key leaders to become environmentalists???people who create or shape environments. Outlining nine organizational tools for creating a healthy environment, Myers shows readers how to diagnose their current situation and implement patterns that will develop possibilities for healthy communities.
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"Once again, Myers hits a home run. Written in personable fashion and with highly informed common sense, Organic Community calls us all--church and congregants alike--to honesty about our goals and then offers us sophisticated, efficacious, and grace-filled ways to realize them."--Phyllis Tickle, contributing editor in religion,Publishers Weekly "Most people think ''deep'' and ''practical'' can''t go together, as if being practical meant being shallow. Joe Myers brings the two together as well as anyone I''ve ever read. Looking back on twenty-four years of church planting and pastoral ministry, I wish I had thoroughly digested Organic Community before I got started. It would have saved so much wasted energy--mine, and those whose lives I foolishly tried to ''master plan.'' Beneath its simplicity and practicality lie real depth, and from its depth will flow creative, practical action that will make a difference for years to come. This is a book I will reread and widely recommend."--Brian McLaren, author/activist;"Helen of Troy may have had the face that launched a thousand ships, but Joe Myers has the furnishings of thought and design that will launch a thousand books, blogs, and briefs on growing ''organic community.'' If a classic is something that has never finished what it has to say, then this little gem is a ''classic.''"--Leonard Sweet, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism, Drew Theological School; distinguished visiting professor, George Fox University;"Anyone seeking to mobilize people to collective and cooperative effort or to promote organizational growth will find Joseph Myers''s Organic Community an invaluable resource. Whether educated about organizational systems or merely experiencing them in schools, sports, the military, work settings, or voluntary associations, we have all gotten used to and accepted many wrongheaded assumptions that run contrary to the organization''s goals. "Myers acknowledges that his is a different kind of how-to book. As much, or more, it is a how-not-to book that exposes fallacies inherent in common organizational policies and procedures, which are all the more destructive in organizations relying on volunteer efforts. "Myers offers nine tools, not ''steps,'' the more of which one masters the more results are achieved. Application of even a few of these tools promises substantial improvement. "The book comes out of a small groups perspective and is aimed primarily at churches, but the principles set forth have application in organizations of all kinds."--Ray Oldenburg, emeritus professor of sociology, The University of West Florida; author, The Great Good Place"Organic Community is packed with practical wisdom and experience about creating church communities. At a time when many pastors and church leaders flock to the latest models and methods for church growth, Joe Myers asks us to abandon master plans and new programs and, instead, concentrate on shaping social environments where people can thrive and grow and genuinely participate and where community can emerge naturally. This book isn''t a manual for church growth; it''s more of an invitation to an adventure--with masses of useful advice and guidance for those who take up the challenge. I''d make it required reading for all church leaders."--Dave Tomlinson, vicar,St. Luke''s Church, West Holloway, in North London; author, The Post-Evangelical and Still Waters and Skyscrapers"Joe has captured the essence of what it means for the church to be primarily an organism rather than an organization. She is in flux, constantly moving and growing beyond the limitations of the blueprints of a stale, innate object. This book is a ''must read'''' for preachers and church leaders whose overwhelming desire is to grow a church in the way God desires."--James D. Harless, senior minister, Tri-County Christian Church"Joe Myers once again challenges people serving through the church to rethink the way people enter community. While provi
- Publisher

Meet the Author

Joseph Myers

Joseph R. Myers is a multiprenuer, interventionist, and thinker. He is a founding partner of a communication arts group, SETTINGPACE, and owns a consulting firm, FrontPorch, which specializes in creating conversations that promote and develop community.

Customer Reviews For "Organic Community"

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Where we should be
5 stars By Mal Green, Jun 23 2008
I can't help thinking that what this book talks about is closer to church-as-it-should-be and a long way from church-as-we-know-it.  As someone who has struggled with church-as-we-know-it, this book comes as a refreshing challenge for us to be more authentic in our following Jesus together.
It has been a catalyst for me to examine my own way of leading and relating to others in various structures in which I am a missionary.  It has motivated me to do things differently.
Myers does not give a recipe or prescription.  He simply suggests what it could be like and leaves the reader to respond.
But, his suggestions are not theories - they are the stories of someone who has "been there and done that" - both in church and in society.
A must read for people who want to follow Jesus together more authentically and effectively.
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Product Details
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