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Putting Amazing Back Into Grace

Michael S Horton

Putting Amazing Back Into Grace

Michael S Horton



Wisdom from Michael Scott Horton. "Here is the quintessence of the gospel, the new wine of God's kingdom for us today!" - J I Packer.

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About "Putting Amazing Back Into Grace"

Wisdom from Michael Scott Horton. "Here is the quintessence of the gospel, the new wine of God's kingdom for us today!" - J I Packer.
- Koorong

1. Jumping Through Hoops Is For Circus Animals^2. Created With Class^3. Rebels Without A Cause^4. Grace Before Time^5. So What?^6. Climbing Jacob's Ladder^7. Mission Accomplished^8. Intoxicating Grace^9. Righteous Sinners^10. No Lost Causes^11. Two Keys To Spiritual Growth^12. A Kingdom Of Priests^^^
- Publisher

Putting Amazing Back into Grace expresses the thrill of his soul-and mine-as we gaze upon the triumph of God's almighty grace through the life, death, resurrection, present reign and future return of the Mediator, "God incarnate, man divine," our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This book is a breathtaking workout for Protestant lay people, with a prospect of new health and strength for those who stay the course. Tough, genial, and encouraging (as good trainers learn to be), Horton makes us pump intellectual iron as he puts us through the painful yet healthful discipline of relearning the Reformation's vital message of saving grace. As in current advertisements fit folk tell how well-planned diet and exercise delivered them from a fat and flabby existence, so I predict there will soon be many testimonials about the strengthened grip on grace that Horton's lively pummeling has brought to his readers. Let Horton show you how to lose theological fat and flab!
- Publisher

Michael Horton prescribes a medicine for the sick evangelicalism described in Made in America. Basic truths can mean the difference if they are returned to prominence.
- Publisher

Meet the Author

Michael S Horton

Michael Horton (PhD, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and the University of Coventry) is Professor of Apologetics and Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, California. He is the author of a number of books including Covenant and Eschatology, The Divine Drama, Lord and Servant: A Covenant Christology, Covenant and Salvation: Union with Christ and most recently Christless Christianity:The Alternative Gospel of the American Church. A prolific author, he is also the host of The White Horse Inn, a nationally syndicated radio program, and editor of Modern Reformation magazine.
Koorong - Editorial Review.

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Product Details
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  • Pages 319
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  • Publisher Baker Book House
  • Publication Date Mar 1994
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