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The TNIV Bible

The TNIV Bible



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About "The TNIV Bible"

The full text of the TNIV is clearly presented in this inexpensive edition that's ideal for giving to friends and family who may be new to the Bible. A bonus CD with the hardback edition features the story of Jesus' passion from the TNIV Audio New Testament.

The TNIV is Today's New International Version; an uncompromisingly accurate Bible translation in today's language from the translators of the most trusted modern English translation, the NIV.

Today's New International Version (TNIV) is a new translation of Scripture built upon the classic New International Version (NIV). It was produced by the Committee on Bible Translation, the same body of renowned, conservative linguists and scholars that developed the NIV. The TNIV, published alongside the NIV, is a thorough revision of the world's most widely read and trusted Bible, offering today's generation another choice in translations. The Committee's work on TNIV is a reflection of its ongoing commitment to produce translations that combine uncompromising accuracy with the clarity of modern language.

As with the NIV, the International Bible Society generously undertook financial sponsorship of the project. Once announced, the TNIV quickly generated support from numerous evangelical pastors, scholars and other leaders.

The TNIV is an update to approximately 7 percent of the NIV text. Changes were made in accordance with the following goals: to accurately represent the meaning of the original Biblical writers, to make Scripture as clear as possible in contemporary English, to incorporate the most advanced biblical scholarship, and to use gender accurate language where the Biblical writers clearly referred to both men and women.

The Committee that translated the TNIV is united in its commitment to the authority and infallibility of the Bible as God's Word. Members of the Committee come from a variety of denominational affiliations and theological backgrounds, helping to safeguard the text from any theological or political agenda. The fruit of the Committee's labor, the TNIV, carries forward all the diligent work and resulting virtues of the NIV, while incorporating the latest Biblical scholarship and using the most contemporary language.

In 2002 the New Testament was published. The entire TNIV Bible is expected to be available in 2005.
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- Koorong

The full text of the TNIV is now available in an inexpensive format, ideal for giving away to friends and family who may be new to the Bible.Endorsed by scholars and pastors across the country, the TNIV is the new translation for today's generation. It combines uncompromising reliability, the clarity of today's language, and the heritage of the most trusted translation, the NIV.The hardcover edition comes with a free CD featuring the story of Jesus' passion from the new TNIV New Testament, Audio CD.Features: -Full TNIV text-New, readable interior design -Uses the same pagination as the other TNIV text Bibles-Free CD with the story of Jesus' passion from the TNIV New Testament, Audio CD (hardcover only)-Affordable price
- Publisher

THE BIBLE, PURE AND SIMPLE This is the Bible. If you want to know God personally and intimately, it's the book for you. Using the accurate, everday language of Today's New International Version, The Bible reveals God's heart, perspectives and ways. It tells the true story of how he and people have related in the context of history and culture. Most importantly, The Bible reveals how God wants to relate to you. Find out about it in clear, easy-to-understand words. Created by an interdenominational team of world-class translators and Biblical scholars. Today's New International Version gives you God's timeless truth in today's language-truth that never changes, good for yesterday, today and tomorrow. In this shifting culture, it's the one foundation solid enough to build your life on. FEATURES INCLUDE: * The entire Bible in an easy-to-read format * Today's New International Version-timeless truth in today's language * Same pagination as other TNIV text Bibles-track page for page with different TNIV editions * Affordable-high quality at a low price.
- Publisher

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Product Details

Product Details
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  • Pages 1184
  • Department Bibles
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  • Publisher Zondervan
  • Publication Date Feb 2005
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