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What's So Amazing About Grace? (Participant's Guide)

Philip Yancey

What's So Amazing About Grace? (Participant's Guide)

Philip Yancey



Participant's Study Guide for a 10-session exploration of the wonders of God's grace, hosted by Philip Yancey himself. Leader's Guide included on the DVD. 140 minutes total.

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About "What's So Amazing About Grace? (Participant's Guide)"

Participant's Study Guide for a 10-session exploration of the wonders of God's grace, hosted by Philip Yancey himself. Leader's Guide included on the DVD. 140 minutes total.
- Koorong

The participant's guide to the Gold Medallion Award-winning ZondervanGroupware for groups of all sizes. This book helps group members explore, understand, and appreciate Christianity's greatest gift to the world: grace.
- Publisher

In 1998, What's So Amazing About Grace? was chosen as the Gold Medallion Book of the Year. Stamped with Philip Yancey's journalistic gift for inquiry and personal passion for truth, this provocative best-seller has challenged and inspired more than half a million readers worldwide with a vision of the life- Experience the Impact of Grace It's one thing to talk about grace; it's another to taste its power. What's So Amazing About Grace? ZondervanGroupware takes you and your study group for interactive, gut-level encounters with radical, life-changing grace. Through candid video interviews, Philip Yancey integrates true-life faces and experiences with 10 POWERFUL SESSIONS that will rock your preconceptions, get you thinking and talking, and help you discover together why grace is more amazing than you've ever dreamed. This Participant's Guide will help you not only gain a better understanding of what grace is and why it is so precious, but also integrate it into your life. Engaging questions, provocative Bible studies, and lively discussions are just part of the package. You'll also be challenged to look for grace where it counts the most: in your own character and personal life. If you're ready to discover grace as more than just a fluffy concept, buckle your seat belt. You're about to take a journey to the radical heart and soul of Christianity. The next life grace changes could be yours.
- Publisher

Meet the Author

Philip Yancey

Growing up in a strict, fundamentalist church in the southern USA, a young Philip Yancey tended to view God as 'a scowling Supercop, searching for anyone who might be having a good time in order to squash them.' Yancey jokes today about being 'in recovery' from a toxic church. 'Of course, there were good qualities too. If a neighbour's house burned down, the congregation would rally around and show charity if, that is, the house belonged to a white person. I grew up confused by the contradictions. We heard about love and grace, but I didn't experience much. And we were taught that God answers prayers, miraculously, but my father died of polio just after my first birthday, despite many prayers for his healing.'

For Yancey, reading offered a window to a different world. So, he devoured books that opened his mind, challenged his upbringing, and went against what he had been taught. A sense of betrayal engulfed him. 'I felt I had been lied to. For instance, what I learned from a book like To Kill a Mockingbird or Black Like Me contradicted the racism I encountered in church. I went through a period of reacting against everything I was taught and even discarding my faith. I began my journey back mainly by encountering a world very different than I had been taught, an expansive world of beauty and goodness. Along the way I realized that God had been misrepresented to me. Cautiously, warily, I returned, circling around the faith to see if it might be true.'

Ever since Yancey has explored the most basic questions and deepest mysteries of the Christian faith, taking millions of readers with him. Early on he crafted best-selling books such as Disappointment with God and Where is God When it Hurts? while also editing The Student Bible. He co-authored three books with the renowned surgeon Dr. Paul Brand. 'No one has influenced me more' he says. 'We had quite a trade: I gave words to his faith, and in the process he gave faith to my words.' More recently, he has felt the freedom to explore central issues of the Christian faith, penning award-winning titles such as The Jesus I Never Knew, What's So Amazing About Grace? and Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? His books have garnered 13 Gold Medallion Awards from Christian publishers and booksellers. He currently has more than 15 million books in print, published in 35 languages worldwide.

Yancey worked as a journalist in Chicago for some twenty years, editing the youth magazine Campus Life while also writing for a wide variety of magazines including Reader's Digest, Saturday Evening Post, National Wildlife, and Christianity Today. In the process he interviewed diverse people enriched by their personal faith, such as President Jimmy Carter, Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller, and Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the modern hospice movement. In 1992 he and his wife Janet, a social worker and hospice chaplain, moved to the foothills of Colorado. His writing took a more personal, introspective turn even as his activities turned outward. 'Writing is such an introspective act that I found myself looking for ways to connect with the planet bodily. My interests include skiing, climbing mountains, mountain-biking, golf, international travel, jogging, nature, theology (in small doses), politics, literature, and classical music.'

'I write books for myself,' he says. 'I'm a pilgrim, recovering from a bad church upbringing, searching for a faith that makes its followers larger and not smaller. I feel overwhelming gratitude that I can make a living writing about the questions that most interest me. My books are a process of exploration and investigation of things I wonder about and worry about.' Yancey writes with an eye for detail, irony, and honest skepticism.

So, just how does a man who's been through all Yancey has, draw close to the God he once feared? He spends about an hour each morning reading spiritually nourishing books, meditating, and praying. This morning time, he says, helps him 'align' himself with God for the day. 'I tend to go back to the Bible as a model, because I don't know a more honest book,' Yancey explains. 'I can't think of any argument against God that isn't already included in the Bible. To those who struggle with my books, I reply, 'Then maybe you shouldn't be reading them. Yet some people do need the kinds of books I write. They've been burned by the church or they're upset about certain aspects of Christianity. I understand that feeling of disappointment, even betrayal. I feel called to speak to those living in the borderlands of faith.' He lives with his wife in Colorado.

Table Of Contents

  • Table Of Contents
  • Introduction By Philip Yancey
  • Session 1: The Missing Ingredient: A Beautiful Word, A Powerful Concept
  • Session 2: Letting Grace Soak In: God's Love For The Undeserving
  • Session 3: An Unnatural Act: Extending Grace When You've Been Wronged
  • Session 4: The Art Of Forgiving: Responding With Grace When It Seems Impossible
  • Session 5: Skin-deep: The Power Of Grace To Penetrate Racism
  • Session 6: Grace Put To The Test: Grace In The Face Of Disagreement
  • Session 7: Grace Abuse: Cheapening Grace And Robbing Its Power
  • Session 8: The Church Backslides: How Legalism Corrupts Grace
  • Session 9: Dispensing Grace: How Can We Do It?
  • Session 10: Counterforce: Grace Set Loose In The World
  • About The Writers

Customer Reviews For "What's So Amazing About Grace? (Participant's Guide)"

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Changed my perspective
5 stars By Sally, Dec 18 2018
My sister encouraged me to read this book about 15 years ago and I'm so glad I did. It really exposed some legalistic 
and ungracious thinking on my part. I needed this book!
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Life changer
5 stars By John, Nov 08 2018
I recommend this book for all christians. Yancey writes in a very accessible tone, challenging legalism with teachings about the goodness of God. It changed my understanding on the the character of God. 
Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No

5 stars By Ly, Jan 04 2017
Yancey's discussions and insightful and provides a contemporary understanding of the meaning of "grace" in today's social context. His discussions evolve around the relationship of the father and his children and centres on the salvation of Jesus. This book is recommended as Yancey is an excellent writer and is clear and articulate in his discussions.
Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No

Timeless truth
5 stars By KT, Aug 21 2016
This book will bless anyone, early believer or seasoned Christian, and even pre-believers. This may just be the book that leads them to Christ.
Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No

Great Read
4 stars By Pip, Aug 30 2012
Yancey puts it so well and I feel puts us in our place... If God can forgive everything we've done, how can we not forgive others? 

Some parts can get a little 'wordy' but worth pushing through!! 

Grace is AMAZING!!
2 of 2 people found this review helpful.  Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No
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