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All stores are open, see our trading hours

Statement Regarding Titles by Ravi Zacharias

Koorong has removed all books solely authored by Ravi Zacharias from our web store in light of a report commissioned by the RZIM board into allegations of sexual abuse committed by Zacharias.

In a lengthy statement posted to the RZIM website (, the board expressed regret that they had failed to provide appropriate oversight and accountability of Zacharias, who died last year.

“We confess that there has been pride and arrogance in our hearts, and we are committed to the ongoing process of repentance. Both for what Ravi did and for all of the ways that we have fallen short, we are so sorry,” the statement read.

HarperCollins Christian Publishing, the publisher of Ravi Zacharias books, has acted quickly following release of the independent report, immediately suspending all projects and shipments of his work.

Koorong joins HarperCollins in expressing deep sadness for the many victims described in the report.


David Foster
David Foster
Chief Retail Officer